Introducing the Turkey Burger to in and Out Burger Menu Marketing Plan

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Introducing the Turkey Burger to in-N-Out Burger Menu

Business challenge

The market

Company analysis



Business climate

The offering

The communication plan





The Turkey Burger is a hasty growing fast food across the globe. Its introduction in the company (in-N-Out Burger) would enable the company achieve part of its goals and objectives set at the fundamental stage of the company. Turkey Burger is fast growing in the market. Most consumers across the globe are targeting this product. The product is making equitable sales, which should not be missed by the company. In the United States of America, research shows that most Americans have lost the touch and taste of the Turkey Burger. As such, its introduction in the company would spell a successful era in marketing, growth, and development of the company. Turkey Burger should be offered to the consumers of this company (Heneberry & Cavender, 2005).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Marketing Plan on Introducing the Turkey Burger to in and Out Burger Menu Assignment

Currently, the company has established equitable awareness and resourceful marketing spectacles that should benefit the introduction of Turkey Burger in the company. The product must be introduced first to consumers who regularly visit and purchase products from the company. Customers will give their own tastes and likes as regards the product. After this, the product should be supplemented in the market together with the present products being made and marketed by the company. Moreover, the company will collect responses from the clients, over which the product can now be gradually increased in the market. There is more and likely need of Turkey Burger in the market all over the world. The budget of this undertaking would not take more than one million dollars at its inception. This is equitable and comparably possible for the company. Gradual increments can be predicted to consume $100 thousand within a span of one year. With the use of equitable economics of scale, this will benefit the company at a rate of 80% within that single year.

The competitors will likely respond to this strategy in the market. Competitors will try to implement the same product in their companies and introduce it in the market. Nonetheless, the company should take a first-hand and swift action of introducing the product, creating universal awareness beforehand, and gradually meeting the defined needs of the customers loyal to the company. Competitors and channel partners will not have a standing ground of superseding the company over the Turkey Burger (Smith, 2006).

Business challenge

The plan aims at introducing the Turkey Burger at in-N-Out Burger Company. The company aims at introducing the product to its existing products and services as that of the four main products (Cheeseburgers, Hamburgers, the Double-Double, and the French fries). The product is objected to add to the value of the products being produced by the company. The company aims at increasing customer satisfaction that coincides with increased accruals and awareness of the company. Since its establishment, the company has expanded over many American states as the Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Texas. This provides a palatable ground for the company to increase its output. This is a real time opportunity for the company. The company aims at being a global force in the market. Introduction of the Turkey Burger will be another boost for this. Moreover, the company has other corporate strategies as through Rich Snyder that will see the company expand and grow. This will also suit production of Turkey Burger. The company's mission statement of being a global and quality supplier of fast foods meets the desires and demands of introducing Turkey Burger within its peripheries. As such, the company has all equitability to introduce and benefit from Turkey Burger in the market (Jones, 2011).

The company faces a number of challenges while in introducing this product in the company. The budgetary allocations, mired by the present hard economic times of regression and fluctuations in the market are likely to thwart the company's plans and strategies. The company needs to be at a stable alert while introducing the product. Competition is another challenge that faces this planned strategy. Competitions expected from other companies and channel collaborates whom regularly exemplify on the competitive nature of the market, more so with production of fast foods. There are many restaurants of this nature in and outside the United States. Furthermore, the company faces stiff competition from other producers of the same products it exemplifies.

The market


Many customers are ready to make value of the product at its introduction in the market. Now, the company customers have been acquainted to the four main products within the company. The introduction of Turkey Burger will add more value and diversity of production within the company. It has been long since the company commanded a sizeable number of customers in the market. As such, the readiness and qualitative approach to be used in introducing this product will attract many customers. The customers get satisfaction from several fields of production done in the company. As such, an addition of more consumers would influence the performance and awareness of the company in the global market. The market incorporates indecisive customers. These customers can be skewed with any introduction of the product. The tastes of such customers vary from one state of mind to another. Such customers would benefit the company with the introduction of Turkey Burger (Anderson, 2002).

Company analysis

In-N-Out Burger Company exemplifies a wide variety of awareness in the global market. The company has existed for a long period, something that has enabled it to exist within a number of American states. The company has exemplified its existence with the introduction of various branches in Arizona, California, Nevada, and other states. The company offers mobile products and services. An introduction of Turkey Burger will be possibly being rapid and fruitful for the company. The company's incorporation of bible verse in its objectives spells awareness that will be embraced by the new product. The company uses advertising mechanisms as roadside billboards, which have helped in attracting customers to any nearby station. There are also other advertising mechanisms as short radio broadcasts, television shows, and involvement of celebrities. Turkey burger will literally explode in the market.

Nonetheless, the company still lacks basic ideologies of growth. Since its inauguration in 1995, the company has been slowly getting into the market with regular change of intention and market. For instance, it once existed as a child abuse centre. Moreover, the competitive nature in the market exemplified by the presence of Burger King and McDonalds has affected and still affects the company. The company has not been able to cope equitably with the competition offered by such competitors (Smith, 2006).


The company has a number of suppliers of the products it needs. The California slaughterhouse is among those that will supply the company with meat for Burger use. Other suppliers as for flavors, water, and power are well equipped in almost all the stations operating in and outside California. The company receives advertisements from the daily posts, radio stations, and television broadcasts in the city of California. Moreover, the company will not find high resistance in establishing more stalls as this is within the company's strategies.


The company receives stiff competition from the Burger King and McDonalds burger companies. Nonetheless, the company will contain its competitive nature by the introduction of the Turkey Burgers in its menu. The competition between the various companies increases the revenue with the states. Nonetheless, the revenue accrued by each company, as with in and Out Burgers keeps decreasing with an increase in competition.

Business climate

There is a favorable and equitable business climate for the company. The fact that the company is not beginning to establishing itself is an added advantage. The competition in the markets enables the three companies to satisfy the needs and tastes of varied customers. It is possible to state that the market is favorable though with many demands in productivity, updated scale, and global financial fluctuations. The legislations and regulations posed by the government through the states enable a balanced competition between the companies. The success of each company is reflected on the cultural and social setup that has been established by the company. This will be oriented with the introduction of Turkey Burgers in the company's menu.

The strategy

The strategy to introduce the product as a supplement to the existing once was supported by the notion that the customer tastes and preferences determine the success or failure of any product in the market. As such, this strategy was chosen in order to protect the company of any misplaced and unfruitful objectives. Nonetheless, the product would have been introduced in a different department or location from the company.

The offering

The company desires to make offers of low prices and awards over the advertisement periods of the product. This will serve to encourage commitment and awareness of the product among the company's products and services. The offers include low… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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