Invasion of Privacy Term Paper

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Kyllo vs. The United States:

In 2001, Kyllo was convicted for growing cannabis. The police had gone into his house and used infrared technology to trace out certain evidence that he was growing cannabis. On the basis of proving that he possessed certain technology that he used to grow the drug the police got a warrant for his arrest.

The case went on for some time and the judge said that equipment that the police used prior to getting the proof they required to obtain a warrant was illegal. Finally the judge resigned and the case went through, and Kyllo was convicted. Was this not a denial of privacy and rights? Another question that is worth asking is why did the judge suddenly resign from his position after being so rigid about the manner in which the evidence was obtained? And how come the case went through without any questions asked about the evidence when another judge stepped in (Erowid, 2002).


We have seen that the 4th amendment is one that has been ignored or not properly practiced over the past thirty years. No matter how the states have tried to protect the rights of the people there has almost always been some interfering factors that have hampered the true practice of democracy. We all agree that there is a need to spot check but we must also realize that this cannot be done at the expense of the innocent people of society suffering because of the malpractice of a few.

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In truth we can say that the people have been very concerned over how much privacy do they really have, and things have begun to improve after the last thirty years of intrusion of privacy.


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Term Paper on Invasion of Privacy Under the Assignment

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