Investment and Portfolio Analysis Term Paper

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If we consider the commodity market, 10% of the amount will be invested on Gold and real estate.

Industry Analysis:

With the economic growth in past two years there are different sectors which have outperformed and hold strong potential for investment. The total capitalization of the technological sector is more than 2971.8 billion and has the potential growth of approximately 16%. These sectors are Technology sector, Energy and power sector, Commodity and Food and processing sector.

Technology sector:

With the advancement of technology and globalization, there has been thrive in different technological firms. This is the sector which is quite volatile. Some of the companies under technological sector which will be focused on investing are Apple Inc., Infosys, Ceva Inc. According to the report of June' 2011, technology sector is considered to be the best growth sector, so investing in this sector will help in attaining high returns in future.

Service and leisure:

Service and leisure has witnessed a strong growth in past few years. Some of the emerging companies are McDonalds, and Starbucks.


Gold and real estate are one of the booming sectors which has shown a tremendous growth in past few years.

Company analysis: Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc., is an American multinational organization which deals in manufacturing, designing and marketing computers, computer software and different consumer electronics. The company has been listed in NASDAQ exchange under 'AAPL' ticker symbol.

Term Paper on Investment and Portfolio Analysis With Assignment

Presently, the shares of the company are traded at $392.57 as on 4th August' 2011. The company has been able to increase the value of its share prices in last six years. The financial health has also improved in last few years. The revenues of the firm has increased by 74.56% in last two years and an increase of 135.6% in net income of the company. In last three years the company has improved its financial performance and has been able to get placed in top 500 fortune company of the world. In 2010, the company gave a return of about 56%. The expected rate of return from Apple is expected to 34%.

The approximate investment in Apple will be $4,000 which will have appropriate 100 shares in volume.


In last ten years, McDonalds revenue has increased considerably, showing a growth of 63.4%, which shows that the company has a great potential of growth and it is operating on a rapidly growing market. Despite this tough environment, McDonald's marked its exceptional growth in 2010, exceptional year of growth, posting strong sales and increased market share around the world. In 2010, global comparable sales increased 3.8%, fueled by solid gains in the United States (+2.6%), Europe (+5.2%), Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (+3.4%), Latin America (+5.3%) and Canada (+5.8%). Earnings per share for the year increased 9% to $4.11 (13% in constant currencies), while consolidated operating income increased 6% (10% in constant currencies). The expected rate of return is about 32%.

The company will invest about $2,000, which will include about 25 Shares.


Starbucks has also shown tremendous growth in the recent years, its stock prices has increased considerable, the sales of the company is expected to increase by 8% with a potential rate of return of about 36%.

The total investment in Starbucks will be about $2,000 which will include about 60 shares.


With a focus on diversification, Mr. X will be able to attain the required… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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