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Nigerians are also dispersed throughout the world and will be a core target as well. The numbers for Nigerian Diaspora in the U.S. show that 376,000 Nigerian immigrants currently live in the U.S. (Migration Policy Institute, 2015). These Nigerians abroad also have an interest in accessing Nigerian television.

Mobile subscriber numbers in Africa were in 2014 up to 329 million, which is 38% penetration, according to GSMA (2015). By 2020 it is expected that more than one billion mobile subscribers will be in the world (GSMA, 2016). Overall the mobile phone industry contributes over $100 billion to the country's economy (Winsor, 2015). This is a substantial contribution to the economy of several nations in Africa, although the biggest are Nigeria and South Africa. Using apps on a mobile device is a popular trend and EbonyLife ON can easily penetrate this market with its SVoD apps.

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Market trends for SVoD throughout Africa are growing as well: this growth is based on the concept of TV content providers authorizing content through pay-for-service outlets like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. These providers essentially offer SVoD deals for clients that make regularly scheduled programming a relatively old form of viewing content, utilized mainly by low-income families that cannot afford on Demand access. Thus the trend not only in Africa but all over the world for SVoD is growing. In Africa, the trends show that across Africa, SVoD users also go to Hollywood films, with nearly 50% more Africans going to Hollywood films than to African films (63% vs. 17%), a trend which indicates that with SVoD comes a demand for more Western/Hollywood type of entertainment (Harrison, 2015). This trend is also global, as more Hollywood films are finding more success at the overseas box office and as Video on Demand providers break into non-Western markets (Ovum, 2015; Bond, Garrahan, 2015). In Europe for example, there are over 3000 on-demand services in the EU, with 1000 catch-up TV services and nearly 700 on-demand TV services for the continent (Balancing Act, 2015).

Business Proposal on Investment Proposal for EbonyLife ON Assignment

The target audience will be reached the same way that Netflix and Hulu and Amazon appeal to their audiences -- by offering original content. EbonyLife is devoted to producing original content that appeals to Africans and has won worldwide recognition and awards for its productions.

Since, as Bond and Garrahan (2015) have shown, VoD is now drawing more viewers than traditional broadcasters are drawing, EbonyLife can capitalize on this market trend to introduce more viewers to its content through easy access SVoD apps. With younger populations skewing towards on-demand access, broadcasters are seeing less revenue because of their inability to draw from the younger generations, who want more choice which VoD offers. In Africa, the biggest media company is Naspers, and it recently acquired ShowMax, a video-on-demand service, which shows that broadcasters are recognizing the need to shift into this market. Naspers is admitting that it must offer SVoD in order to secure market share in Africa, just like must be done in the rest of the world (Joseph, 2015). In Africa, there is also Trace TV,, DITV, RT, SABC, MultiChoice, which is facing stiff competition from Netflix for SVoD viewers; there is also StarSat, and sister company Platco Digital; Siyaya is also available for broadcasting, as well as other ventures -- CloseTV, Kagiso TV, Mobile TV and Mindset Media Enterprises (Gedye, 2015). These are located in Africa while throughout the rest of the world, the major players continue to be Netflix and Amazon in the West, with Apple making a play in regions in the East as well.

The growth of the market in Africa has been phenomenal, as more people tune into SVoD services, following the competition from new players and the need to supply original content to attract viewers. As Joseph (2015) points out, there is the potential to have 60 million + subscribers of SVoD in Africa alone, which ShowMax is looking to target for its market share. EbonyLife plans to meet this target number in Africa by using its own original content to draw subscribers.

The marketing plan for EbonyLife ON is to promote the service on its websites, on commercials during its network programming and in web advertising. It will also use outdoor advertising, such as billboards and signs to promote the concept so that all of Africa is made aware of the service. For the Diaspora, a similar approach will be taken, but advertising will be selective, with Big Data used to locate and identify audiences in other regions of the world who would be attracted to this service and email campaigns along with selective, personalized e-banners and e-advertising used to catch their attention.

EbonyLife ON will also sponsor events that draw attention to the creation of the new service, which is in line with EbonyLife's time-tested practice of sponsoring events to bolster its reputation in the African and global community. Indeed, one event that is completely controlled by EbonyLife is Create Nigeria. EbonyLife TV's Create Nigeria is an annual event that promotes the best of Nigeria's creative industries and drives global recognition, appreciation and investment in African Film, Fashion, Food, Music and Art. Create Nigeria will deliver creative and engaging programs that encourage and facilitate learning, partnership, investment and growth for Nigeria's creative industries. This exciting 3-day event provides a platform for engagement, which will consist of exhibitions, conference, demonstrations, entertainment and media briefings.

Create Nigeria has set out the following key objectives: to identify environmental and business constraints to the growth and development of target creative sectors; to develop plans, strategies and opportunities for resolving identified growth constraints; to forge, build and nurture local and international relationships and partnerships across the value chain per target sector for the purposes of resolving growth constraints; to create platform for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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