Investor Document for Ebonylife TV in Africa Corporate Writing

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Investor Document for EbonyLife TV

Set up a Radio Station

Set up a channel on Startimes

Set up a channel on GO-TV: /

Set up a channel on DTT

The Create Africa Project

Film & TV Creative Academy

Set up a Teleshopping Channel: Like QVC or HSN for Africa

Growing our video on demand platform

Continual investment in quality programming

Stay on DStv channel 165

Set up a Radio Station

EbonyLife TV will have their own small power FM Radio Station. This will be a step forward in this direction. The government will invite applications for grant of licenses to well-founded educational organizations / establishments as well as Universities, Establishments of Technology Administration and Domestic Schools for setting up Community Radio Stations. Guidelines distributed by the Government on this facility will be occupied. The knowledge of the arrangement is to allow these establishments to offer radio coverage on their campus and to aid the cause of the community by connecting associates of the community. EbonyLife TV on the radio stations will go a long way in reaching out to the community that will have programmed content that will be of attention to the local audience.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Corporate Writing on Investor Document for Ebonylife TV in Africa Assignment

EbonyLife TV will seize this opportunity and plan to set up their Radio Stations and employ for grant of license. Africa offers its services for providing a turnkey answer right from the early phases of planning, frequency distribution and other supervisory clearances to the conclusion of the project as well as training of personnel who shall be operating and functioning the facility. The basic requirement of an EbonyLife TV Community Radio Station would be for a universal studio which will be acoustically handled. The equipment complement for the station will have to meet the requirements of editing, recording, and storage in the digital and analog domains, besides meeting all the requirements that are needed for an 'On-Air Studio. Also, the playback and recording and playback facilities will center around a hard disk-based system assisted by compact disc and cassette players, etc.

Ebony Life TV will include a voice over booth along with the On-Air Cum Production Studio. The voice over booth will be acoustically treated and designed to bring out original sounds for those that will be listening to the channel. Ebony Life TV will have a room which will be suitable to accommodate four contributors and the proceedings from there can either be chronicled or put live on the air via the 'On-Air Studio'. The establishment is available for the subscribers to listen to the programs on high-quality headphones. Ebony Life TV on the radio will be used extensively as an educational medium for Africa. It will support educational programs in a wide range of subject areas and many African nations.

Ebony Life TV will market it as education radio. Educational radio will be employed within a wide variety of instructional design contexts for African listeners. In some circumstances, it is supported by the use of published materials, by local conversation groups, and by regional study centers. It is occasionally calculated to permit and inspire listener reaction and remark. Certainly, in some cases, there will be provision for the audience to raise questions and to obtain feedback.

For example, there will be a project for teaching mathematics by radio to school children in primary grades in nigeria. Ebony Life TV will use this platform for students and guide them through radio lessons which will help them achieve higher scores in the final evaluation than those who are taught through regular, head-on, schoolroom instruction. Ebony Life TV hypothesizes that radio lessons will be particularly useful in raising the level of knowledge of those who knew least, which in this case will be the rural students.

Set up a channel on Startimes

EbonyLife TV will be established on Startimes. EbonyLife TV will work well on Startimes because they are already a worldwide technology company that was founded in 1988 in China. Since Startimes is a forerunner company and key player in the pay-tv business in China where they have attained over seven (7) million subscribers, they will be an excellent marketing tool for Ebony Life TV. Depending on her well-documented outstanding performance and talented development overlook, StarTimes position herself as the most famous broadcasting endeavor in China, having being recorded among China's top 100 technology and science innovation- familiarized venture. Forbes top 20 China's most impending establishment and the only authorized private enterprise in the radio and TV industry will help broadcast Ebony Life TV programming shows that will not just cater to African nations but China as well.

As obtained on the television website, Ebony Life TV for StarTimes is "a multi-platform broadcaster set to reach Africa's most important target demographic, the custodians of the present and the future. Ebony Life TV will be set to produce and program over 700 hours of non-stop, original programming with world-class production values through StarTimes. We are scheduled to do this through a variety of engaging platforms that include apps from mobile phones. Ebony Life TV will be positioned to be the home of the best of African content available.

Ebony Life TV on StarTimes will bring forth various television shows and movies. For instance, Destination Africa will be a show broadcasted on StarTimes through Ebony Life TV. This show is beneficial marketable because it will bring in a broad audience of all different age groups. This show promotes the experience of Africa's top tourist destinations for the ordinary African traveler in the exciting upmarket travel show, Destinations Africa shaped by Wakanow and EbonyLife TV. Destinations Africa discovers Africa's high-end fascinations, must-see lure, and rich history and takes the viewer on a journey of passion, shopping, adventure, beach holidays, safari and cuisine, not forgetting the undiscovered natural wonders of African nations.

These days, there is a talented new Africa, as EbonyLife Films connects with StarTimes. Together, both actively commits to telling African stories in a way that has not been done. Firmly rooted in Africa nonetheless linking to a worldwide audience through a shared identity and shared values, EbonyLife TV prides itself with StarTimes as Africa's First Worldwide Black Entertainment and Lifestyle Network for best homegrown entertainment shows and films. EbonyLife Films on StarTimes will set to expand this vision further by escorting in a movement that transforms the trends in the African entertainment business as it fixes its gaze on turning out to be one of the world's s most significant film powerhouses -- one smash hit at a time. Ebony Life TV at StarTimes will also bring in different shows from Asia and broadcast them as a way of bringing in the diversity of to enrich the station. It will also bring in documentaries that were made in other African nations as well as around the world.

Set up a channel on GO-TV:

Ebony Life TV will be established on GO-TV to bring a more local feel. GOtv is the home of African television and together with Ebony Life TV they will be committed to delivering family entertainment to all of the Africa. GOtv and Ebony Life TV will provide the biggest assortment of local channels prepared in Africa just for Africa. Ebony Life TV on GOtv Nigeria will be a reliable service for those that are local Nigerians. They will also get a chance to experience the digital revolution in their home on this channel. Focusing on family shows is the main point of Ebony Life TV on GOtv. It will bring new and fresh family shows from all over Africa. Also, putting the focus on more children centered programming is also the main goal of Ebony Life TV on GOtv. Kids are the ones that exemplify an important demographic to marketers for the reason that in addition to their purchasing power they sway their parents' buying decisions and are the adult customers of the future. As a result, industry spending on publicizing to children has exploded over the past 20 years. To effective marketplace to children, Ebony Life TV need to recognize what makes kids tick. With the help of GOtv, advertisers now have admission to in-depth knowledge about children's developmental, expressive and social needs at diverse ages and what shows will be marketable on the channel. Using research that analyzes kids' behavior, fantasy lives, creation, even their dreams, GOtv can craft sophisticated marketing strategies to reach young individuals in Africa. For instance, in the late 1990s, the marketing firm Saatchi and Saatchi borrowed cultural anthropologists to study children contracting with digital technology at home so as to figure out how best to involve them with products and brands. Ebony Life TV and GO TV will use this strategy to come up with productive children shows to draw in the young audiences. Ebony Life TV and GO TV plant the seeds of brand acknowledgment in very young children that watch the channel, in the hopes that the seeds will grow into lifetime relations. Ebony Life TV and GO TV have learned that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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