Ionomics Genome: Essentially, the Genetic/Hereditary Information Essay

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Essentially, the genetic/hereditary information of a given organism, typically expressed in most complex organisms as a repeated sequence of DNA nucleotides and most often appearing as DNA bundles called chromosomes. The genetic map that allows for the growth and development of an organism.


A combination of "protein" and "genome," the term "proteome" refers to the proteins that are expressed by a given genome, or by a cell, tissue or organism. It is often used more specifically to identify the specific proteins expressed in specific given circumstances.


During cell division and other processes involving protein synthesis based on genetic information, certain specific RNA molecules are utilized by cells/tissues with a given genome. The RNAs expressed in any given circumstance are referred to as the transcriptome for that cell/genome/process.


The entirety of molecular interactions that take place within a give cell, process, tissue, etc. is referred to as the interactome of that cell, process, tissue, etc. This can include both genetically instigated interactions and those of other types occurring between all kinds of molecules..


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The whole of the metabolites and secondary metabolites, including hormones and intermediaries, contained within any biological sample (be it organism, tissue, or cell) is the metabolome.


Essentially the inorganic subset of the metabolome -- dietary and trace minerals and other component molecules found within an organism, cell, etc.


Essay on Ionomics Genome: Essentially, the Genetic/Hereditary Information of Assignment

The plant sample that is to be analyzed and characterized for ionomes is first digested, typically in a concentrated nitric acid bath that is diluted following the breakdown of the plant… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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