Research Proposal: Ipt Launch Ipt Marketing and Retailing Strategy

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IPT Launch

IPT Marketing and Retailing Strategy

The concepts of marketing in a retail context are critical for the success and future growth of it's Popcorn Time (IPT), not only from an assessment of the traditional marketing mix components of product, price, promotion and distribution or place, but more importantly, from the aligning of the company's growth to the most profitable market segments. Expanding the product breadth from flavored popcorn, snack-sized pretzels, cookies, and either into Pennsylvania Dutch food specialties or foods specific to large demographic markets to the north in New York and to the south in Washington D.C. needs to be based on segment, spending, and pricing analysis. That is the essence of marketing's contribution to this critical decision for IPT and has major implications for the management and sales staffs.

Marketing Defined in the 21st Century

The traditional definition of marketing is the coordination of product, price, promotion and place (or distribution) which has collectively been called the 4Ps, in the attainment of a marketing objective. The definition of marketing however has become significantly more multidimensional and integrated than the 4Ps imply, and this has been proven through empirical research (Constantinides, 2006). For IPT, marketing needs to mature past just concentrating on a given product, store or promotion and encompass the entire company and its relationship to the customer segments of interest. In defining which local market to penetrate, either the tri-states region, or pursuing the strategies of going after new store locations in New York or to the south in Washington D.C, compounded by the decision of whether to include Pennsylvania Dutch products into existing and planned retail stores, the use of an integrated marketing strategy is critical. Marketing is instrumental in defining how these decisions will be made based on customer segmentation criteria, pricing studies for each specific market, supply chain considerations given the distribution center and retail store locations, and the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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