Term Paper: IQ Scores. Consult Relevant Information

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[. . .] However this has nor been proven to be an accurate measure, i.e. By factor analysis on a variety of high range tests. So this type of reliability scoring is flawed mathematically.

Therefore if we take two measures that are correlated with each other, both of which have reliabilities in the.80s, the corrected correlation after assuming the reliabilities are 1.25 which is likely to be at least somewhat suspect. This is considered imperfect data and the range can be restricted by problems in distributions of grades and by narrow ranges in abilities of participants.

The scale most used for IQ scores is using a total population of 100 and a standard deviation of 16. Any prior scores to be used have to be converted to this scale, if they are not already expressed as such. Therefore, data used for determining multiple IQ scores can be deceiving and may not be statistically valid…

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