IQ Tests: The Best of Many Bad Term Paper

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IQ tests: The best of many bad alternatives to identify student's needs?

Intelligence testing remains one of the most controversial aspects of modern educational screening. On one hand, it can provide an invaluable asset to educators, if student's special needs or deficits are determined early on in the student's academic career. Once, they were seen as potentially democratic. "Achievement and IQ tests have the potential to identify talented students from all walks of life -- and thus to level the playing field of public education." ("Intelligence and Achievement Testing: Is the Half Full Glass Getting Fuller? APA Online: Monitor on Psychology, 2006) But the accuracy and usefulness of IQ testing has also been criticized as invalid, biased and potentially faulty. If abused, IQ tests can contribute to the culture of labeling, or creating self-fulfilling expectations for children, as the perception of a child as less intelligent than his or her peers becomes a sad reality, as the child learns to live up to lowered expectations about his or her ability.

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IQ Tests are also prone to "unfairly stratifying test-takers by race, gender, class and culture; of minimizing the importance of creativity, character and practical know-how; and of propagating the idea that people are born with an unchangeable endowment of intellectual potential that determines their success in life." (Benson, 2003) Although the tests have improved since the early Stanford-Binet versions, educators remain torn between what types of intelligence to test and how to test intelligence. Some prefer tests of generalized intelligence, while others believe testing multiple intelligences, as favored by Harvard education professor Howard Gardener, or even including tests for Emotional Intelligence, is a more valid approach to take and reflective of student ability. (Benson, 2003)

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Other educators wonder what the true purpose of educational testing should be in general, either to quantify intelligence or provide a tool to facilitate student learning. For example, the IQ discrepancy model does not distinguish between students with intellectually delayed development as the result of birth trauma, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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