Iran Military Assessment Research Paper

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Pakistan spends 3% of GDP on Military and Iran spends 2.5%

. Their defense budget for 2006 was equal to U.S. $6.6 billion and it has been increasing. Some sources claim that the 2012 budget with an increase of 127% would be an estimated $415 billion

. Iran has learnt from the past, specifically, invasion of Iraq and Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Their basic military strategy is a mix of western techniques and Islamic ideology of martyrdom and is designed to defeat the strongest of opponents. Strategists acknowledge the country's weaknesses and resort to psychological warfare, with an aim to exploit enemy weaknesses to the maximum. They strive to increase the enemy's expenses and risks, the biggest of which in recent times has been the desire to avoid casualties. Iranians are not afraid of casualties. After the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan their strategy has mainly been designed according to U.S. army

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a. GROUND WARFARE PROFICIENCY: Iran has recently decided to open up new bases in East, South and South Eastern parts of the country. The IRGC has divided the land warfare forces into 31 command units one for every province of the country. They call this system 'mosaic defense' and it is supposed to give each unit commander ample power to combat and take care of foreign / domestic threats in a better way. It makes use of Iran's natural barriers, the mountain ranges lining the border of the country. To stop and incapacitate any threat the IRGC has set up special cells in border areas. These are meant to ambush enemy base camps, cut off supply as well as communication lines for invaders and smugglers, both. The next line of defense is 'Artesh,' consisting of infantry, armored and mechanized groups. Next, are IRGC and last Basij, involved only in case of invasion scenarios. Their observation of Saddam's guerilla group fayadeen has made them devise a largely guerilla strategy. Thus in case of an attack the army will fight in groups dispersed all over the city instead of head on combat

TOPIC: Research Paper on Iran Military Assessment Military Assessment Assignment

. The land force is 350,000 regular, another 350,000 reserves and lastly 40,000 paramilitary personnel which is average sized force in comparison to the less populated Pakistan's 550,000 regulars and 500,000reserves. But the dilemma is not its size but its poor training. The nation's land forces lack modern equipment, although it has a total of some 12,000 land weapons, including 1700

tanks. But most of these are old fashioned, locally manufactured vehicles, called 'Zulfiqars' or T-72's made, a long time ago, in collaboration with the Soviets. Their main artillery is comprised of some 3200 weapons, including 1500 vehicles, self propelled guns, rockets, mortar, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns

. However some 2000 of these are towed artillery systems that were used in Iran -- Iraq war and are low cost, low grade arsenal imported from China, Korea or Vietnam. Other reports state that Iran is still using pre-revolution era weapons. However, the country has been working on modifying its weapon system.

Unlike Pakistan, Iranian army is not the central beneficiary of the defense budget. The army unit has the ability to do well on the defensive but is not likely to succeed in launching effective offensive. Although stronger than Iraq and Afghanistan it has one of the weaker Muslim ground forces with coordination and communication between Artesh and IRGC being one of its weakest areas. The army unit is made up of around [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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