Iran Political Case Study

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Instead an Iran Developers group has now taken the lead. Another influential group is a reformist party by the name of National Trust Party

EXTENT OF ELITE COHESION: The current reign began with the idea that administration and religion had huge gaps which the clerics felt the need to eliminate. The country is a Muslim majority state with 89% Shi'a Muslims and only 9% Sunni Muslims

. Khomeini appealed to the religious feeling and attachment of people to gain support. Vali R. Nasr testifies in The Shia Revival that Khomeini wished to make Islam a political force as well. Khomeini won over the young religious revolutionaries and they helped him bring religion back to the state. In today's Capitalist, democratic and practical world religion and state are two opposing and incongruent concepts, thus Iran is unique in its approach to politics. The new Supreme leader who came to power after Khomeini's death is Ali Hoseini Khamenei. He has been in power since 1989 and does not have the charisma that Khomeini did.

As far as the government's cohesion with and influence on society is concerned, Khomeini did not have support of most of his religious colleagues. Even until 2000, out of a 5000 only 8 clerics were part of the federal administration. Gregory F. Giles, an American scholar, says the government was restricted to "four rings of power

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." In other words the loyalty and attachment to the Iranian government is limited to its revolutionaries and devotees. Liberal, nationalist and democratic section of nation is considered outsiders and is given very little leverage. The proof of dissent among the populace is the 1997 election when the reformist M. Khatami was elected as fifth Iranian president. He preached freedom of speech, expression and strove for better diplomatic ties with Asian as well as European nations, something Khomeini's conservative Iran could never even think of. His election by 70% voting majority and his two office terms are evident signs of a liberal thought process of the nation

Case Study on Iran Political Overview: The Former Assignment

. However, whatever efforts Khatami made the conservatives were able to make them useless and near the year 2004, the conservationists were finally able to push out the reformists completely. This was the year the 7th elections for the Majlis were held and Ahmadi-Nejad became president the next year. He is now completing his second term as President and his reign is characterized by human rights violation incidents and the nuclear arms issue

. Since then there have been incidents where clerics are not offered rides by taxis and "there is a rising tide of anti-clericalism among ordinary Iranians." The conservative regime of Ahmadi-Nejad has increased the public's dissatisfaction with the government. All of them have failed to uproot poverty, economic mafia and persistent inflation. His actions and accusations of corruption on his fellow clerics are largely viewed as ploys to weaken the opposition

. Protests against the government continue and the government keeps arresting activists, rebels and revolutionaries, in an effort to stamp the desire for reform out of the masses

. Ahmadi-Nejad and his people are the Neoconservationists and his era is known as the third revolution in Iran. While Khatami and his followers were intellectuals, he and his people are religious and idealistic. It seems that he knows better than Khatami, how to please the public (Ehteshami, A & Zweiri, M, 2007).

NATIONAL GOALS: The country has become synonymous [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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