Term Paper: Iraq the Deep Prints That the Middle

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The deep prints that the Middle East civilization has put upon Iraq are still obvious, regardless the late tragic history of this controversial country. The etymology itself of the name of this country was inspired by the Middle East, and it expresses the name of a plant that is very popular in those places. The difficulties and hardships that Iraq was put in the situation to cope with are elements that have greatly affected the traditions and customs brought here by the Middle East. (Hourani: 1997).

Iraq, in its complexity of culture, has been affected by the American and British occupation and hence, the Iraqi customs and traditions taken from the Middle East have suffered important changes. The changes which have occurred are reflected in the domains of language, culture, civilization and traditions. The life of the Iraq population has been greatly changed and the tragic incidents that had place inside this area have greatly changed the lives of the people in this country. (Hourani, 1997).

The Middle East influences upon Iraq have been notable ones throughout history and they have left behind very important features in all the domains regardless of the importance. Iraq was even lead by Middle East guidelines, before the tragic war occurred.

As a conclusion, we may regard this previously rich state in culture and traditions as a completely different one from the time the civil war was started and lead inside this region. Iraq will never lose its basic customs and structures borrowed from the Middle East. It will only need a complete reconstruction regarding its destroyed domains and fields of politics. (Tripp, 2002).

The Middle East became Arab for about a millennium now, as the historical researches have shown us so far. Almost all the particularities, traditions, customs and even politics of government have slowly but surely became Arab during the Arabian occupation and influence. (Hourani, 1997).

Even if Iraq has been put through a tragic war and through numerous popular civilian revolts and fights, the basic features borrowed from the Arabic world have not been completely destroyed.

Nowadays, Iraq is a country that needs an urgent reconstruction. This reconstruction, however, regards the superior, high-leveled domains, such as the political, governmental or economical domain. But in the domain of culture and civilization the prints of the Arab world have remained almost the same. It is very difficult to erase the traditions of a country's population from those people's consciences. Hence, we may consider that even if during the past millennia there have been numerous changes brought by the populations that have occupied and lost the Iraq territory, the Arabic features still continue to last. (Roux, 1993).

A logical explanation for this is also the geographical situation of Iraq near the Arabic world. So, there is still a great resemblance between the Iraq customs and traditions and the Arabic ones.

As a conclusion, we may say that even if Iraq the emergency situation has been declared for a long time now, the hope for the maintenance of the initial Arabic traditions is to be held by people. Lives may have been lost and people may have been left homeless. But the erasing of the Arabic consciousness from the Iraq population is a hard thing to achieve.

Iraq is an important state that is part of the Middle… [END OF PREVIEW]

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