Irish Corporate Governance Irish Development Essay

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While this publication is not about NGOs directly either, it is still instructive about ties what for-profit corporations are doing to what socially responsible businesses are trying to accomplish because, "Ethical leaders speak to us about our identity, what we are and what we can become, how we live and how we could live better."

According to the Institute, there are ten character points that apply to every good governance organization, including effective NGOs. These points include making sure that the sense of direction comes from the top down (individual managers and the governing board) and that when these efforts are institutionalized they operate daily and across the layers of authority. Openness, honesty, integrity and allowing for dissent and discussion are particularly important. It is not a coincidence that the CGAI also says in Article 1 of its code of professional conduct for NGO executives what every good for-profit manager knows, "Exercise leadership, enterprise and independent judgement in directing the organisation so as to achieve its continuing prosperity and act in the best interests of the organisation as a whole."Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Irish Corporate Governance Irish Development Assignment

The linkages between NGOs and for-profit ethics and standards are becoming very important on other related fronts too for both the profit and nonprofit sectors. So much so that some very wealthy people and organizations want changes to happen. An organization called The Global Impact Investment Network is an exceptional example and may be doing work that will support Ireland's progress down the road. The GIIN (2011) project is being funded by an unprecedented collection of global billionaires and large corporate and charitable leaders who believe that it is important to have a better model for blending the values of profit and social responsibility. They are quite literally re-writing the rules of management, administration, accounting and social impact in order to help close the gap between those who work for money and those who work to address community needs. If these larger efforts can be brought together with what organizations like The Wheel and Youth Work Ireland are doing, the benefits of good governance will not have to stop with just one country's commitment.


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