IRS Off Your Health Care Essay

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As a result, the refundable share of an individual's claim will be cut all the way back by 10%. The confiscation reduction rate will be affected up until the end of the economic year (Sept. 30, 2013) or superseding Congressional action, at which time the requisitioning amount can possibly be changed.

Supportive Players of the Proposal

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One of the supporters of this proposal is Republican Tom Price. Tom is the sponsor of this proposal. Price represents Georgia's 6th District. Republican Price argues that because the IRS just committed an appalling violation of the American people's trust, the Obama Administration should not allow it health care law to be invested or power by the IRS. Price strongly feels that Americans should not have to answer to the IRS. According to Tom, The bill is a comprehensive alternative, notes Price, who has more than 20 years of experience as a practicing orthopedic surgeon. His policy proposals, which conservative experts have praised, will probably be familiar to those who have closely followed the ongoing health-care debate. Price says. "Regardless of where one fits in the economic spectrum, there is a financial incentive to purchase health coverage that the individual wants, not that the government forces them to buy." (Price, 2012) The plan is actually founded on six principles: accessibility, affordability, quality, responsiveness, choice, and innovation. "All of those values are dishonored by the Affordable Care Act," (Price, 2012) Price says. "When you step back and look at those principles, it guides you to a system that allows patients and families and doctors to be in charge."

Essay on IRS Off Your Health Care Assignment

Republican Eric Cantor represents Virginia 7th District is a cosponsor of this proposal. He feels that by bringing this bill to the floor is because they care about the health and well-being on the American people. He stated that the IRS has been abusing its power by targeting and punishing American citizens for their political beliefs. He claims that the IRS has recklessly spent taxpayer dollars on conferences and bonuses. He does agree with Rep. Thomas that we should not allow the IRS to play a role in our health care.

Players who oppose this Position

One of the people that would oppose it is U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett represents Texas 35th District. He feels that that sponsors and cosponsors of the proposal only have one alternative to ObamaCare and that it should be called NothingCare. The bill doesn't explicitly repeal ObamaCare but it would effectively cripple the law. "The IRS is responsible for implementing crucial elements of ObamaCare, such as distributing the tax credits that individuals and small businesses will use to defray the cost of health insurance" (Huff Post, 2013).

Social Justice

When it comes to value of Keep the IRS Off your Health Care Act of 2013, it endorses the right of privacy and peoples' right of confidentiality. This bill will get the IRS out of health care, in so doing allowing businesses to put the emphasis on creating a lot more jobs and succeeding as opposed to trying to obey with outwitting supervisory execution by the federal government, and stop the implementation of the misguided health care bill (Kibble, 2012). However for some it does the opposite when it comes to values. For example, and now, companies such as Hobby Lobby are being pushed into the court to stop ObamaCare from making them have to require that they give health care services which openly disturb their conscience and their religious ethics, values and rights that are preserved in the First Amendment.


It is clear that Keep the IRS Off your Health Care Act of 2013 has advantages for some and disadvantages for others. However, it does help with maintain the right of privacy. To some, they want to pass H.R. 2009 because they want to put a stop to what many call the "madness" before it gets even worse. In the end, it is clear that the bill is a huge controversy, particularly among those who do not have healthcare.


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