Isaac and Jacob and Their Wives Term Paper

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In the King James Version of the Holy Bible, specifically in the Book

of Genesis, the story of Isaac, the son of Sarah and Abraham, focuses on

his relationship with Rebekah who was called from Haran to become his wife

in marriage. In Genesis 24:62-67, we are told that Rebekah, after being

approached by a servant to Abraham, "rode upon the camels and followed the

man, and the servant took Rebekah and went his way. And Isaac came from the

way of the well, for he dwelt in the south country."

Later on, Isaac brought Rebekah "into his mother Sarah's tent and took

Rebekah and she became his wife." Obviously, this account of how Abraham's

servant found Rebekah for Isaac strongly emphasizes the guidance and

overruling providence of God in the life of Isaac and his family. Also,

water itself is equated with Jehovah as the source of "living water" and

indicates spiritual purification, meaning that Rebekah was pure and aBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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virgin before she married Isaac.

Term Paper on Isaac and Jacob and Their Wives in Assignment

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