Islam Democracy Essay

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Islam Democracy

In the early nineties, a major historical event was announcing the new order of the world, together with the beginning of a distinctive era: the Cold War had finally ended, proclaiming the incontestable victory of democracy. Its opponents of any kind had been defeated.

Ever since, democracy and capitalism have become synonyms with progress, benefits and wealth and their derived principles have been widely adopted. Nowadays, one cannot imagine living otherwise than in a democratic manner, on the solid ground of equality, universal human rights and autonomy. Political leaders talk about democracy as the main goal to be achieved by a state and, most of the times, it becomes the most important indicator for measuring the level of development in a certain country or area of the globe. Given this attitude towards democracy, one will find desirable the fact that it should be adopted in every corner of the world, in order to bring global prosperity. Yet, there are certain areas that appear as being incompatible with the democratic system, the most relevant example being the Islamic world.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Islam Democracy Assignment

Is Islam incompatible with democracy? It is interesting to see how democracy appears as incompatible with Islam from the Western point-of-view, but gets complete different perspective in the Muslims' world. On one hand, there is the general Western assumption that labels the Islamic belief as being rigid and conservative. On the other hand, the Muslims' approach claims the existence of a distinctive model of democracy, based on the Islamic identity and cultural personality. The equality of all before the law, the respect for human rights and for minorities, the closure to friendly states, the separation between judiciary and executive, the system of social security and the acceptance of opposition (as long as it does not turn into rebellion) are obvious principles of democracy, even in the Western assumption. All these "are illustrative of the unique Muslim tradition of governance and constitute significant pointers towards the development of a distinctly Islamic model of democratic governance. These can be the source of inspiration and guidance for developing Islamic democratic models in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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