Islam in East Africa Analysis Term Paper

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Today, it is active in all three territories. The present head of the mission is Sheikh Mubarah Ahmed, whose first task was to prepare a Swahili translation of the holy Koran with a commentary, then to produce other Islamic literature. Muslims have primarily been involved in conducting village Koranic schools, where the standard of religious and secular learning is low:

As many Muslims are afraid of religious pressure if they send their children to Christian schools, the African and Arab communities are apt to be backward and economically handicapped. Nor has the Ahmadiyya mission yet undertaken hospital work of the type undertaken by the Christian missionaries. The Muslims who follow H.H. The Aga Khan, on the other hand, established schools, hospitals, dispensaries and libraries after the end of the First World War. They do not, however, support missionaries, for they believe that conversion should result from the activity of the individual.

In the earlier period, missionary work was not an Islamic tradition, and the adoption of Islam was instead "a natural consequence of the intermarriage of Arab and Persian settlers with the coastal populations since the tenth century."? As a rule, the "Arab slave-trader had not in general been a missionary: to have proselytized his victims would indeed have precluded him from enslaving them."? For tribes allied with the Arabs, though, there was evidence of some religious assimilation to Islam before the arrival of Europeans.


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Term Paper on Islam in East Africa Analysis Assignment

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