Islam Many Muslims Are Proud to Think Term Paper

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Many Muslims are proud to think that their religion, Islamism, was the least endangered by the passing of the centuries. The clash between tradition and modernity, the changing of society structures and the industrial revolution, all these factors have led to religious reforms. Tradition is very important to Islam, but the diversity of the people who share this religion is so big that even the pillars of this monotheistic religion are coming into question and feel shaken at some points in history. According to Seyyd Hossein Nassr, a billion two hundred million people have this religion in common (Nasr, p. 2).

Donna Lee Bowen and Evelyn a. Early have edited the book Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, a book that gathers short stories, essays and other testimonies and material destined to present the reader with a complex picture about the life of the diverse people of the Middle East that each have their own language and culture and civilization, but are tied by the same religion: Islam.

The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid, by Tayeb Salih is a story in the above mentioned book, about tradition, resistance to change, irreconcilable differences between the city and the village, ancient beliefs and their sublimation in the religion of Islam, hope for the future, human limitations and finally, about the sacred aspect of life.

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The story teller in the short story nears the end of his account with the following observation: "What all these people have overlooked is that there is plenty of room for all these things: the doum-tree, the tomb, the water-pump, and the steamer's stopping place"(Salih, p. 168). Rulers and governments have tried countless times to unite those people who shared the religion of Islam, but failed. According to the philosophy this short story is sharing with the reader, politics will never succeed where the human being is failing to see itself in the middle of the universe, beyond its own selfish interests.

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The story teller in this short story presents the guest he is receiving in his village in the spirit of the religion of Islam with the story of the doom tree in an attempt to let the rest of the world know that a small insignificant village somewhere in Sudan may be as important for the evolution of the human race as any other place in the world. In his story, the villager combines elements of ancient religions such as the veneration of natural elements with features of the religion of Islam, such as common prayers, the image of women, the horror… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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