ISO 9000 and the Small Term Paper

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Post the preliminaries, work on developing the quality manual, quality procedures and work instructions can begin. The quality manual is a series of policy statements for each of the elements of the ISO 9000 quality standard, representing the quality of the product being manufactured, under a set of documented procedures and work instructions.

The main goal for a quality manual is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product performance. A good quality manual should take into consideration all equipment, controls, manufacturing and other processes, resources and skills that will be needed for meeting customer needs and expectations as well as processes as per ISO 9000 standards; set specific goals for each product alongwith a provision for quality records and evaluation preparation methods; and consider equipment required to measure, test and control quality.

The quality manual must be accompanied by quality procedures that define the policy in terms of clear-cut responsibilities and action plans, as well as work instructions that define the specific steps to accomplish tasks.

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The documentation must cover all aspects of business operations including customer contracts (assess and document all specifications, with provision for amendments); design control (documentation of processes used to confirm, control and verify product design to customer need, regulatory and environmental/safety standards); data and document creation, publication, distribution, use and revision; purchasing (technical requirements, records of past performance and methods of control/verification); product identification and traceability; production, installation and servicing processes; inspection and testing; equipment control; control of non-conforming products; corrective and preventive action; handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery; maintenance and control of quality records; and methods for conducting periodic internal audits of the quality system (CIRAS Web site).

Term Paper on ISO 9000 and the Small Assignment

Registration Audit: Preparation can either be handled independently by the company or with the help of an outside firm. The first step is to document existing policies and processes in order to identify areas of improvement and conformance to ISO 9000. Post this analysis, both the documentation and actual policies/processes need to be amended, followed by a draft of the quality manual and procedures for review by the appointed registrar.

Following the review and all corrective action, the revised documents are resubmitted, alongwith the work instructions for a pre-assessment. The last is recommended as it serves as a rehearsal for the actual audit to follow. It is assumed that all employees are fully conversant with the policies, procedures and systems and will be in a position to answer any question in random interviews conducted by the registrar (Roster Technologies, Inc. Web site).

Follow Up and Frequency of Audits: In order to ensure continuous compliance and improvement, management needs to ensure regular internal audits and review of the quality policy, process and results. As new innovations and efficiencies are developed, the documentation needs to be updated and circulated, ensuring that old copies are removed from circulation. The registrar will also conduct continuing surveillance audits to ensure continuous implementation of standards and to provide the important 'third party' verification.


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