Research Proposal: ISO the International Organization for Standardization Plays

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The international Organization for standardization plays an important role in ensuring that businesses throughout the world are practicing the proper standards. The ISO is currently the largest developer and publisher of international standards in the entire world. There are several dimensions associated with the system. There are general requirements, management requirements, realization requirements and resource requirements and remedial requirements. The purpose of this discussion was to investigate the certification of Neural Manufacturing SDN Bhd (NMSB). The research found that the certification was instrumental in improving the quality of the products and services provided by the company. The research focused on the manner in which the attainment of this certification assisted the company in changing the complexion of the firm. The research indicates that the certification allowed for greater emphasis to be placed on training and development of employees.


Standardization in the manufacturing industry is of the utmost importance. This is that cases for several reasons including the increased number of companies that operate globally. As the world become more interconnected as a result of advancements in technology, it is important that products become more standardized to ensure quality control. To this end the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) works with companies around the world to ensure that they can become certified member of the organization. These certifications differ in terms of both size and scope.

The purpose of this discussion is to investigate the certification of Neural Manufacturing SDN Bhd (NMSB). The research will focus on the manner in which the attainment of this certification assisted the company in changing the complexion of the firm. The research will investigate various aspects of certification the effect NMSB as it pertains to employees and the products that the company offers.


Biometrics is an extremely important type of technology that has transformed the nature of keeping individuals and businesses secure. This technology is utilized throughout the world. One of the companies at the forefront of this technology is Neural Manufacturing SDN Bhd (NMSB). Neural Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was created for the purpose of providing security awareness for corporate security system. The company has an aggressive task team that has been formed to accomplish the aforementioned objective.

The company also has the desire to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met. In an effort to maintain high quality products and good customer relations the company is determined to provide its full support as it pertains to the products and services that it provides.

NMSB is also a full service company providing solutions in the areas of fire fighting and security systems. The company is also responsible for trading and maintenance. In an effort to further develop the security system department, the company has begun to manufacture and market the SIRIM invention which is one aspect of the Security System called "e-Jari." This technology will have the NMSB signature 'NEURAL'.

There are several objectives associated with the goals that the company has a desire to realize. These objectives are as follows:

Expand it into a national product, with over RM43 million sales by end of 2008.

Establish sales and service centre in South East Asia by end of 2006.

Prove business model generates 2700 in unit sales in the first year and 20% on cash return.

NSSB will offer quality service by implementing a highly trained technical staff and advanced information technology. This will be complemented by an unpretentiously feature and premium quality product that are made on premises. E-Jari will be available to small and large orders. This product will be priced RM 6744.00 per unit product at the high end for security technology however the value of the product will be priced in a manner that is comparable to security alternatives.

The fingerprint system industry generates RM144.2 million per year. Within this market, NMSB targets large organizations that have a significant number of employees. Target customers are government and semi-government firms are also targeted as potential customers. These entities seek security measures that are user friendly and efficient. A security firm such as NMSB is uniquely suited to meet these needs.

The business model emphasizes three elements: (1) multiple revenue streams (2) high margins (3) Geographic Expansion. The projected sales revenue is 11 million in 2003. SIRIM royalty was based on RM 20.00 per unit amounting from RM 55,000 to RM 102,000 for year 2005. Once a beachhead unit is established in a given market, the business model is further enhanced by increase economies of scale and capacity utility in the initial unit. NMSB is passionate about the security industry and are in the process of building a management team with unparallel security industry experience. The resulting combination of professional management and security savvy creates a team well positioned to pursue this endeavor.

Company Background

Neural Manufacturing SDN Bhd, incorporated in 2001, specializes in the manufacture of biometrics ("Neural Manufacturing"). The company boasts exclusive knowledge of biometrics fingerprinting. One of the company's most important contributions has been the Neural E-JARI line of products. In addition the company has developed a card system designed to assist in high security situations.

"NEURALTM pioneered the country first's biometrics manufacturer to obtain Intellectual Patent (IP) status. Subsequently NEURALTM has obtained Pioneer Status for Fingerprint Sensors and Integrated Fingerprint with Smartcard Readers from Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA). These technologies are deployed in many countries across the Asia, Middle East, Africa and United Kingdom ("Neural Manufacturing")."

Additionally NEURALTM is responsible for supplying a large amount of biometrics fingerprint and smart card readers ("Neural Manufacturing"). These tools are used to accompany to the door access management system, time management system and guard patrol system. In addition, there are additional NEURALTM services including card personalization and value-added software to compliment the user needs ("Neural Manufacturing").

When did NMSB receive ISO 9000 certification?

NMSB received ISO 9000 certification in 2005. The attainment of the certification was a process containing 5 major steps. The5 steps are as follows;

1. The applicant submits a questionnaire. This application is completed and submitted to SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. Based on the questionnaires, a quotation will be prepared and sent to applicant for consideration. The quotation should provide an estimate of the total cost for certificate

2. Submission of application and application fee. Once the quotation is agreed upon, the applicant must submit the application form (SQAS/MSC/FOR/01-01) in addition to an application fee. An audit team leader is appointed and made responsible for the client file.

3. The Stage 1 Audit. This purpose of this stage is to determine the adequacy of the client's management system documentation and readiness to proceed to the Stage 2 Audit

4. Approval from Certification Panel. After that, we will receive approval from the Certification Panel which approves the recommendation that had we made under the authority of Certification Advisory Committee.

5. Receiving of certification. The company received the certificate that is valid for three years. The certificate is received after payment is made and the surveillance audit is scheduled 12 months after Stage 2 Audit.

Before the ISO certificate is received, the company was not aware of the importance of documentation. Such documentation is important because and it also could provide proof if there are any problems in future. Prior to receiving the certification, paper work was not fully centralized and no proof for documentation was provided.

After the company received the ISO in 2005, all employees were educated on how to complete the paperwork and all the procedures must be in black and white. In addition, all meetings and attendance must be documented and placed in a central location. The auditor will thoroughly check the procedures and documents that have been utilized. From this assessment, the company will know whether or not it receives the OFI (opportunity for improvement) and NCR (non-compliance).

Objectives/Questions posed by the research

1. Does ISO 9002 certification improve the quality of product?

2. Do employees believe that ISO is beneficial for the company?

3. Does the company accept the decision to have ISO certification?

4. Did ISO increase profit?

Literature Review

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

History of the ISO

The international Organization for standardization plays an important role in ensuring that businesses throughout the world are practicing the proper standards. The ISO is currently the largest developer and publisher of international standards in the entire world. The organization consists of a network of the national standards of 161 nations around the world ("About ISO"). Each country has one member and there is a Central Secretariat located in Geneva Switzerland ("About ISO"). This Secretariat is responsible for managing the entire network society ("About ISO").

The organization is non-governmental that serves as a conduit that links the private and public spheres ("About ISO"). That is some of the member countries are an extension of a governmental structure. However other member countries have their foundation in the private sector because they were established by national partnerships of industry associations ("About ISO"). As such the "ISO enables a consensus to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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