Israeli Business Communication Although Geographically Tiny Term Paper

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Israeli Business Communication

Although geographically "tiny," Israel purports clout in historical and contemporary business arenas. Economically and geographically, this nation presents unique contrasts in the world's nations and cultures. Israel consists of more than half desert land, yet by irrigating with water pumped from the Sea of Galilee and released over plans in small amounts, crops such as is flowers are inches and avocados are produced. "Snow covered mountains and tropical sea resorts, technology hotbeds and Byzantine churches, socialist-style settlements and free market corporations, Ethiopian traditions and Polish cuisines, Beemers and camels all exist together in a bustling, hyper-energetic, egalitarian, extroverted and impassioned caldron a mere 262 miles long and, in some areas, 10 miles wide." (Gu)

Desert nights, year round can be cold." (Gu) During the summers, Israel temperatures are hot and dry, and particularly hot in the eastern and southern desert areas. At night, the temperature cools and heavier wear may be required for evenings. In Israel's northern and mountainous areas, winter temperatures can be cold and blustery. Winters are milder along Israel's coast but hot and humid during the summer. Summers in the north and mountains are typically very hot during daytime and rather cool at night - so some heavier wear is required for evening wear.

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Contrary to the "heavy" introductory quote by Melville for this paper, an appropriate, aptly administered joke in a funeral or business setting could "fit" the setting. An individual would have to be sensitive and proceed with caution, albeit, this researcher contends, with words in either setting, just as he/she would when conducting business in Israel, another "foreign" country or at home.

Term Paper on Israeli Business Communication Although Geographically Tiny, Israel Assignment

An observation recorded from Anais Nin depicts a primary point this paper relates regarding communication when conducting business in Israel. "We don't see things as they are... We see things as we are." (Doing Business) to effectively communicate in business settings and Israel, this writer proposes: an individual needs to be able to see things not only from the vantage point of the way he/she is, but also from educated understanding of the way others "are."

Israelis See

Israel is very 'civilized' within the framework of a struggling and pressurized Middle Eastern nation that strives very hard to be "Western."

Israelis have perceptions of time, space and values that are completely different from those of North Americans. Israelis see Americans as artificial and square, when they are actually just showing respect. Americans think Israelis are arrogant, rude and pushy, when in reality they are being direct and honest. Israel is a very small country whose population is one big family. In a family people can be as direct and honest as they want. But now that family members are selling their goods and services outside the clan, Israelis are adapting."

Joel Leyden - TIME Magazine (Doing Business)

Facts about Israel or State of Israel (long form)

Capital City:

Jerusalem (712,000)

Currency New Israeli Shekel (ILS)

Languages Hebrew (official) Arabic and English (widely spoken

National Day May 12

Religions Jewish (75%), Muslim (15%), others

Flag (Embassy of Israel)


The following Table (1) relates Israel's population and size, along with its population density, compared to 13 other countries, out of a list of 192 countries listed in order of largest populations.

Table 1: Israel's Population

Land Area


Density Land Area


Density COUNTRY Population (Sq Kms) (Sq Kms)

Sq Miles) (Sq Miles) 1 China 1,306,313,800 9,596,960.00

136.12 3,705,405.45

352.54 2 India 1,080,264,400 3,287,590.00

328.59 1,269,345.07

851.04 3 United States of America 295,734,100 9,629,091.00

79.55 8 Russia 143,420,300 17,075,200.00

21.75 9 Nigeria 128,772,000 923,768.00


361.04-10 Japan 127,417,200 377,835.00


873.42-11 Mexico 106,202,900 1,972,550.00

139.45-18 Iran 68,017,900 1,648,000.00

106.90-26 South Africa 44,344,100 1,219,912.00

94.15-35 Canada 32,805,000 9,976,140.00

9.00-43 Saudi Arabia 26,417,600 1,960,582.00

34.90-44 Iraq 26,074,900 437,072.00

154.51-74 Greece 10,668,400 131,940.00

209.42-99 Israel 6,276,900 20,770.00

302.21 8,019.34

782.72 (Embassy of Israel)

Communication Challenges

For two thousand years, Hebrew was not used outside of Jewish liturgy. Recently, however, it has unified Jews from diverse countries as they have settled there. Currently, Hebrew constitutes the primary language of Jews in Israel, and has replaced Ladino, Yiddish, Russian, German and a number of other languages. Hebrew and Arabic became the official languages of the State of Israel in 1948. (Embassy of Israel) Safe subjects for business conversations include family, sport and overseas travel. Travel experiences and ideas prove positive subjects for conversation, as traveling constitutes a favorite Israeli pastime. Although controversial and intimately tied to most things, ideas regarding politics and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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