Term Paper: Israeli Palestinian Conflict and the Middle East

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International Politics

The Threat of Terrorism the Context of International Relations between the U.S. And the Middle East

The threat of terrorism in the U.S. is inextricably linked to the events in the Middle East and the perceived role of the U.S. many of those events; especially in the Israeli/Palestinian disputes. The U.S. is a major power and the country has not been afraid to use that power in international relations. It is the way that the power has been used, often for the support of Israel, to the detriment of Arabic nations.

To appreciate this one can look at the way in which the U.S. has supported Israel, this was seen with the 'friendship' formed between Kennedy and David Ben-Gurion (Bass 2). Building ion the foundation laid by Kennedy, other presidents extended the relationship (Bass 5). It was rumored that during the Six Day War in 1967 Lyndon B. Johnson supplied the Israelis with arms, although this has been denied. More conclusive evidence of support for Israelis seen when, during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the U.S. did supply arms to the Israelis following the early successes of the Syrian and Egyptian forces who were seeking to regain land they had previously lost to Israel. When this support of Israel is placed into the context of the founding of the country; an artificially created state which saw the United Nations portioning land from the area known as Palestine for the homing of Jewish immigrants, the interference can be seen as an extension of the west support for the Jewish state against the Arab States. For those who had been in the region for many generations, and saw land take, first by their UN and then by the fighting of the Israelis, to gain more land, the support from the U.S. was an unwelcome interference, hindering their own interests.

The U.S. was not only active in supporting Israel, power has been used to support its own interests, such as the aid given to Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war; a war that resulted in the loss of approximately 1 million lives, one may ask why the U.S. choose to interfere and if that interference helped to prolong the a war and increase loss of life. The first and second Gulf Wars were also examples of the power of the U.S., at the time it was argued that the invasions were to protect the Kuwait's and then the Iraqi people from aggressors, and preventing the use of weapons of mass destruction, but subsequent analysts have argued the real motivation of the U.S. was to ensure access… [END OF PREVIEW]

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