Essay: Israeli Palestinian Conflict

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Based on the new information learned from studying the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, my advice to President Obama is to seek peace but maintain a level of impartiality to the entire conflict.

Numerous governments, including the United States of American, England, and France, have tried to enact peace treaties, perfect boundaries, and other forms of solutions to promote peace and end to the conflicts. The one problem is the geographics of the region. Even if you end the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the majority of the Arab countries in the Middle East still resent or wishes to destroy the nation of Israel. They will not even recognize the existence of Israel as a nation. I think President Obama should remain diplomatic but be careful of taking sides. The following paper tries to summarize the basis behind the problems and why a solution will not be an easy one and may lead to another world war.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a very complex situation that has been raging for centuries. The land has changed hands so often it is hard to determine the nationality of the inhabitants in the small country. Though the topic deals with Israel and Palestine, the overall picture and the reasons go back to early Biblical times. It is a clash between religions, the Jewish and Christians (Israel) versus the Islamic and Muslims (Arabs). For this paper we will concentrate on the situation of the land dispute but acknowledgement needed to be made to the root cause.

The land in question was inhabited through the years by many different nationalities and each was conquered by another country. Evidence from fossil bones found in the region show that the area has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Around 2000 BC they land was occupied by the Canaanite, Amorites, and other Semitic people. Israelites are thought to be a combination of the people of the region and especially the Canaanites and a… [END OF PREVIEW]

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