Term Paper: Israeli-Palestinian Situation

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[. . .] However, the Unites States has started to interfere more actively in the conflict in order to protect its other interests that are in the region, although the frustration at the lack of progress in persuading calm has led the United States government to give increasing support to Israel's position.

Analysis and role of surrounding countries

Israel's relations with each one of its Arab neighbors are nearly always part of a multi-lateral equation. Thus, one can observe relations with Egypt that are linked to Israel's views and concerns about other Arab states. On the other hand, Palestine is closely connected to relations with Jordan, and relation with Jordan are linked to Iraq. Furthermore, Syria and Lebanon are clearly inter-related issues.

All these surrounding countries have given its immense support in solving this issue. However, Israel's relations with its neighbors are barely ever strictly two-sided. Consequently, in the Israeli frame of mind it is never simply an Israeli-Palestinian equation, but one in which it is incumbent upon Israel to relate to Palestine within a context that includes other regional players, above and beyond the Palestinians.

Therefore, the peace process between the two countries, which has both domestic politics and varied views, and support of governments is not the product of an ideological change in the way that the Arab world particular Palestine and its surrounding countries had changed its attitudes towards Israel nor have most Israelis have changed their ideological perceptions.


Despite the irregular attempts made by the United States and other countries, which also include the surrounding states to arbitrate in the conflict, with Israelis and Palestinians so disillusioned. However, the progress in peace efforts have still being tried by al the nations collectively that also include the Arab States

Israel, which is geo-politically, situated at the core of two concentric circles with its inner one surrounding hold those countries that are engaged in the peace process. Whereas the outer circle contains countries like Iran and Iraq are not involved in these negotiations but still maintaining its positions of extreme antagonism towards Israel. Thus, the only solution for both countries is to seek and create zone of peace within the two states. Israel may be the most powerful state in the region, but simultaneously, the Israelis cannot change the fact that in the Middle East; they are only minority, and a… [END OF PREVIEW]

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