Issues in Capital Budgeting at Applied Technologies Term Paper

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Capital Budgeting and Applied Technologies a. Applied Materials' mission statement is to be closer to their customers, strengthen their product performance, and manage rapid financial changes. In addition, the company envisions maintaining their long-term initiatives in order to make optimal use of future opportunities.

The company cites a number of trends as potential catalysis for stronger growth in the superconductor industry. With the projected recovery of the economy, the proliferation of silicon is one of these trends. The semiconductor industry is projected to continue growing as silicon is increasingly used in consumer and business electronic devices. Chip-powered applications are also expanding with time, which also provides future opportunities for Applied Materials. Concomitantly, e-business applications are also increasing, as increasing numbers of citizens worldwide connect to the Internet from work and home. Indeed, the continual drop of Internet access prices means that a billion more people are expected to join the Internet community within the next five years. Technological development also means that these connections can occur with multiple devices, including PCs and cell phones.

In the marketplace, an increasing customer base means that online technology provides companies with global reach, greater efficiency, quicker response times and better customer service. This makes it a desirable implementation in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Issues in Capital Budgeting at Applied Technologies Assignment

c. In the light of the above, companies such as Applied Materials are favorably positioned to make use of future opportunities. The desirability of online technology however also means that there is a great number of companies that compete on a global scale. It is therefore imperative that a competitive company enter the global marketplace and establish leadership on this scale. Applied Materials defines its global leadership according to a number of key values. The first of these is to build a culture of achievement in concomitance with customer relations, excellent performance, and mutual trust and respect among management and employees. As such,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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