Issues With Design Build Contracts Essay

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However, recent trends have begun to favor design build set ups, where a single firm takes control over both the design and the construction. This is essentially a way to speed up the entire process and reduce potential risks in having to use two separate entities on a single project.

Additionally, there is the issue of working within the context of military contracts as well. 10 USC 2862 states that "The Secretary concerned may use one-step turn-key selection procedures for the purpose of entering into contracts for the construction of authorized military construction projects," with the term one-step turn-key meaning "procedures used for the selection of a contractor on the basis of price and other evaluation criteria to perform, in accordance with the provisions of a firm fixed-price contract, both the design and construction of a facility using performance specifications supplied by the Secretary concerned" (U.S. Government Printing Office, 2006). However, the main issue here is that there is a fixed price within the negotiations, which often causes issues for firms within the industry (Napier et al., 1988). If there snags or hiccups along the way, the architectural firm is left having to pay any extra costs based on the fixed price negotiations with the U.S. Military. This often can result in losses for the firm, which is a negative impact to the overall industry.


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There are options for firms wanting to circumnavigate such conflicting Federal law statutes. However, it just takes the knowledge and skill to get the right authorization and permissions. It is thus a recommendation that firms have at least one person that is knowledgeable in working towards gaining the right authorization for design build contracts. In regards to the military y bids, team members must be highly skilled in negotiating contracts that will include room for mishaps within the fixed budget provided.


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Essay on Issues With Design Build Contracts Assignment

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