Issues of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Term Paper

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Over the last several decades, the issues of drug and alcohol abuse have been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because there has been an effort on the federal and state levels to increase awareness. As the problem has continued to become worse, despite the tremendous amounts of resources that are spent on these programs. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than the 23.5 million people ages 12 and older who are in need of some kind of treatment for drug or alcohol abuse (according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health). This is problematic, as these kinds of issues can have a negative impact on society. ("Drug Facts")

Selecting a topic and defining the problem

The social problem that we will be studying is the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on communities. During this process, there will be an emphasis on: the economic background, ethnicity and other factors that will impact users. To help focus the study, there will be an emphasis on two key research questions to include:

What are the differences in rates between economic, gender, age and ethnic groups?

Are there specific factors that are influencing these differences?

This will help actuaries to understand these varying rates and what are the main causes impacting specific segments of the population.

Summarize related research (literature review)

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The research is indicating that economic, cultural and gender related factors are some of the primary reasons why there are difference in drug abuse rates. According to the United Nations International Drug Control Program (2003) there are different cultural and regional factors that will have an impact on dependency rates. This is because these views will have an effect on social perceptions for those who are using these substances. (United Nations International Drug Control Program)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Issues of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Assignment

For example, in some countries the smoking of marijuana or the consumption of alcohol is seen as a social norm. Whereas, other regions of the world will have contrasting views by showing how these activities are considered to be immoral. This will have an impact if a particular ethnic group becomes involved in utilizing these kinds of substances. The information from this source is illustrating how particular ethnic and gender groups are more likely to begin abusing drugs and alcohol. This is based upon their traditional views of consuming these kinds of products. (United Nations International Drug Control Program)

Moreover, Nutt (2006) found that substance abuse is often tied to other factors that will work in conjunction with ethnicity or gender. The most notable include: parental drug / alcohol related problems, disruptions to the family, social deprivations, the lack of economic opportunities and physical / sexual abuse. According to Nutt, these factors will make someone predisposed to the influences of select substances in their lives. (Nutt)

The reason why is because this is often utilized as a way to help them escape from their challenges (at least temporarily). Over the course of time, this will have an impact upon which segments of the population are most likely to become involved in these kinds of activities. This is illustrating how substance abuse is tied to other factors that are based upon their current lifestyle, economic, and social choices. (Nutt)

Furthermore, Castillo (2008) found that there are other influences that will impact additional segments of society (most notably teenagers and young adults). This is because these individuals are often affected by what their friends may think of them consuming particular substances (in order to be seen as hip). At the same time, this demographic will often turn to drug and alcohol as a way to deal with peer pressure and other forms of stress. This is showing how peer pressure and increased amounts of anxiety has an impact on someone who begins abusing various substances. The combination of these factors is demonstrating that there are numerous reasons why someone will become involved in consuming drugs and alcohol. Over the course of time, large disparities between these groups and other segments in society emerge based upon these factors. (Castillo)

Formulating the Hypothesis (asking a research question that can be measured)

The research that was conducted is highlighting how there are many different elements that will influence substance abuse rates. This leads to the following hypothesis that will be tested during the course of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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