Term Paper: Issues of Global Overpopulation and Food Supply Can We Feed the World

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¶ … Overpopulation [...] overpopulation and the food supply, two global issues facing the world's population today and in the future. The Earth's population is expanding faster than it has ever grown before, and with this overpopulation comes the need for more food and food sources. The poor in overpopulated countries often go hungry, and as populations increase, the implications for global hunger grow along with them. Can we feed the world, or can the world develop enough food sources to feed itself? These are compelling questions that must be answered to end world hunger in the 21st century, even if overpopulation continues to plague the planet.

The United States is one of the world's largest food producers (Cook 5). As such, we have a responsibility to other countries and peoples of the world. Many other countries suffer from overpopulation and the inability to feed all their population effectively. The United States produces an abundance of food, and is a forerunner in the technology necessary to manage food supplies in the future, as well. Thus, it is America's responsibility to help the world feed itself and escape global hunger.

One of the ways the United States can help other countries grow more of their own food is by researching Genetically Modified foods (GM). These new food types include plants genetically engineered to resist pests and disease, and grow in areas that were previously considered non-productive or infertile (Cook 10). However, these genetically modified foods are extremely controversial, and have been banned in many areas of the world until they receive further study. It is interesting to note that many people in the countries most affected by overpopulation and a dwindling food supply are not as concerned about the effects of genetically modified foods and their modifications. They are willing to try them to help their countries grow more food to feed their growing populations (14). It is mostly the well-fed nations, such as many in Europe, who are afraid of genetically modified foods and the effect they might have if they are consumed. So far, research shows genetically modified foods are perfectly safe to eat, but many people still believe they may be harmful in some way. The United States can make a difference by educating the wary about genetically modified foods and GM crop growth, and helping set up GM farming in overpopulated areas, such as India and areas of Africa.

One of the countries most affected by overpopulation is China. They implemented a one child only policy for families in the 1970s to help limit population growth, and have faced great famines throughout their history. The last ended as recently as 1961, as author Vaclav Smil notes, "The world's greatest famine,' this was an overwhelmingly man-made (Mao-made, to be exact) famine, and by the time it ended in 1961 it left behind about 30 million dead" (Smil 72). Today, China has modernized its food production and farming techniques to a point that they can supply adequate amounts of food to all their residents, and export some foods besides (Smil 80). Hunger is not completely obliterated in China, but they are far ahead of many other overpopulated countries… [END OF PREVIEW]

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