Essay: Italy and Japan's Decision to Enter World War II

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France's Decision To Enter World War Two

The French generals understood that an attack on France by the Nazis was imminent but that Hitler had no interest in attacking the Maginot Line head-on and that the Nazis would simply bypass the fortifications by invading Belgium and Holland.

That left France (and her ally, Britain) with two very unattractive choices. Their first choice was to send troops into Belgium and Holland before any Nazi attack on those countries, in effect, initiating a hostile occupation of their own, given that Belgium and Holland were still neutral countries and that neither would cooperate explicitly with Britain and France out of fear of provoking Hitler if he had not already decided to invade their nations.

France and Britain's second choice was to wait for Hitler to attack Belgium and Holland before sending in troops to counter the Nazi offensive. In addition to losing momentum by allowing Nazi troops to establish themselves in the Low Countries before responding, this would also mean that the eventual battles would be much closer to French population centers. Because of the political implications of invading sovereign Belgium and Holland, the French decided on the second option of waiting for the impending Nazi attack on Belgium.

Italy's Decision to Enter World War Two

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