Jail Overcrowding Term Paper

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Community Corrections

One of the most effective and fastest growing programs in the nation to help alleviate jail overcrowding is a program called Community Corrections. The program works to complete the sentence outside the confines of a jail which saves taxpayer dollars and provides the opportunity for inmates to be reintroduced to society in concentrated and supervised steps.

Community Corrections is most often offered to those who have been convicted of a crime but the judge and the district attorney believe the person has a reasonable chance to rehabilitate himself or herself.

Community Corrections is compiled of both misdemeanor and felony convictions and has to be agreed too by all parties in the case.

When a person gets released to the Community Corrections program they have to report to their CC officer within 24 hours and once there he or she is provided with a long set of rules and regulations that must be followed.

Because the program removes so much freedom and liberty from the program participant he or she receives day for day jail time credit for every day served in the Community Correction program. What this means is if a person makes it through six months on the program and then gets into trouble that person is considered have served six months of their previous sentence when he or she enters the court room (Evans, 1996).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Jail Overcrowding Assignment

Some people believe that those placed on Community Corrections are allowed complete freedom and can go out and re-offend with ease. This is not the case. Community Corrections begins with complete house arrest. The participant is allowed to be at work, school or a 12-step meeting. They can attend church as long as the time frames are pre-approved. The participant must call in any time they leave to go to work and when they arrive… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Prison Overcrowding Term Paper

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