Jamestown: The Buried Truth by William Kelso Book Review

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¶ … Jamestown: the Buried Truth by William Kelso

"Jamestown, the buried truth" by William M. Kelso represents an interesting and historically appealing description of the first English settlements on the American soil, rediscovered after it was considered to be lost in the James River. History has always been an exciting and constant wondering environment to discover and interpret. From this point-of-view, Dr. Kelso's contribution to this environment is of utmost importance. His work on the artifacts of Jamestown, the place considered to be the first spot for the settlers represents an important exemplification of the role history plays in the creating and maintenance of the national culture.

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The culture of a nation always has a starting point and it is vital that every nation discovers and identifies the components of this culture. In his research, Dr. Kelso, Head Archaeologist of the Jamestown Rediscovery Project, has tried to constantly identify the starting point of the American people and most importantly its relation with the British. His book on Jamestown tends to provide exactly this type of evidence. The discovery of numerous historical artifacts, of walls, of evidence to point out human presence in the early years of the 17th century have pin pointed a massive relation between the American continent and the British Crown. Even so, such information was not unknown; however, what is important for the historical background of both the American people and of the transatlantic relations is the identification of Jamestown as a vital point where the Virginia Indians and the British entered into contact.

The importance of Jamestown is crucial because, should the conclusions of Dr. Keslo be true, it represents the starting point of the American culture, 13 years before the settlement of the Pilgrims in Plymouth. At the same time, it is important because it means that the cradle of the American democracy, of human rights as they are today in the U.S. And of the American Constitution was clearly influenced by a small town on the James River. Under these conditions, the historical importance of the small town would be huge.

TOPIC: Book Review on Jamestown: The Buried Truth by William Kelso Assignment

The book is written from the point-of-view of a scientist but without leaving aside the personal touch and the personal filter of the author. Archaeology is one of the most important sciences because it provides humanity with a tool for examining the past that is crucial for understanding cultural identities, national concepts, and the future of a nation. It was therefore only natural that such a book be written with a scientific tone in order to better express the importance of the facts uncovered and their relevance for the subject and for Archaeology. At the same time though, the author portrays a very implicated attitude, as his style is rather personal in providing even precise information. Although Dr. Kelso is a scientist, the feeling retrieved from the book relates more to that of an accurate storyteller, as he thoroughly presents details with clear and almost poetic descriptions that are uncommon for a scientist. Furthermore, Dr. Kelso's familiarity with the subject also allows him to make use of comparisons that may otherwise seem inappropriate. More precisely, he considers the mystery surrounding Jamestown to be similar to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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