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The implications hit both the physical and human environments of the natives. In addition, the implications have continuously progressed with time leaning on to posterity whereby the nature and structure of modern America was attributed.

Moreover, the natives of the then Virginia colony had a conception of a sign that could eventually emerge and have intense implication to them. The sign was also inclusive to the inter-cultural conflict brought about by the colonialists. Arrival of new people was an assurance that things in the future to come were not pleasant. To curb intimidation from the new comers, Mann, shows how the Native Indians took control for the better period they could by overruling the best and fertile land that they had already acquired (Mann 2007).

This Columbus and post-Columbus period mainly highlighted repercussion towards the physic-human environment. According to Calloway's reading, there was a region that was unfriendly to human environment. In their quest of laying their colonial foundation, the settlers had to dwell on a region infested with animals and insects not fit for human interaction. In the same page, the first colonel of Jamestown, Rolfe introduced new species of plants and animals that dependently changed the balance that Jamestown's ecosystem once had (Calloway 54). The percussions of the environmental imbalance paved way for more prone diseases that were never experienced by the Native Indians.


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Native America and its history is a platform to the comprehension of other thematic concerns that depict aspectual details of people and continued implications of inferiority and superiority, which according to Mann and Calloway was the rift between the natives and colonizers. Ways in which the natives were traded for was unfair noting that the land was initially theirs, a reason why Calloway refers to the Native Indians as 'Injuns'. It is worth taking in the reading a and lessons from history in pursuit of a solution to problems affecting modern America.

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Term Paper on Jamestown Settlement the Study of Assignment

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