Japan Binary Opposition in "Seishun Essay

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The paper will focus upon one of the earlier scenes in the episode. Ippo is at school. Class has concluded and students are congregating in groups and pairs discussing their after school plans. Ippo gathers his belongings slowly. He does not speak to anyone. He does not make eye contact with anyone. The binary opposition is two fold in this scene. On the one hand, there is the opposition of inside and outside, with respect to social circles. Inside/outside is a prominent feature of Japanese culture that is demonstrated subtly in this scene. Ippo is alone. He is the outsider. Outsiders do not have friends. The other students who have social skills, they are the insiders and they have larger numbers. Thus, on the other hand, there is an opposition between friends/groups and loners/losers. Ippo is on the outside because he has no social skills because he has no confidence. The other students have social skills, have friends, and have confidence. Eventually, the students invite him to the movies with them, but Ippo cannot attend because he has trouble expressing his wishes and he cannot go because of his obligations to assist his mother with the family business. The plot trajectory that is implied is that over time, Ippo will become a build upon the great natural physical strength he already possesses, gain confidence, and have the social life for which he deeply hopes, while still honoring his familial obligations. It is further implied that Ippo will demonstrate his superb boxing skills publically, so as to make his mother, boxing coach, and schoolmates proud or impressed.
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