Japan vs. Pearl Harbor Essay

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Japan vs. Pearl Harbor

What were Japan's major reasons for its attack on Pearl Harbor? In what ways did the attack connect with their moves into China in the 1930s and Southeast Asia in 1941 and 1942?

Given Japan's lack of natural resources and less developed military capability, Japan knew that the war it began against the United States was an unwinnable war."Even many government leaders of Japan knew that at the time. However, at the same time, it was the war that they had to fight," once the U.S. imposed sanctions on Japan after its invasion of China (Arima 2003). Japan was utterly dependant upon trade, particularly trade with the United States. "Oil was a lifeline for power, but unlike the U.S., Japan could produce only a little amount of oil domestically…Japan had become a member of the imperial powers and one of the most advanced nations in the world of the time. However, such accomplishment and power was impossible to achieve and maintain without oil, which Japan had totally depended upon the U.S. For the supply" (Arima 2003). America supplied approximately 80% of Japan's oil resources at the time. In 1941 President Roosevelt also imposed embargos of scrap metal and other commodities essential in waging an air-based war. The U.S. demanded that Japan withdraw from its alliance with Germany and Italy as well as from Chinese territories.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Japan vs. Pearl Harbor Assignment

Although it had been an ally of the United States during World War I, Japan's appetite for imperialist expansion had been whetted in 1894 when Japan defeated China in the Sino-Japanese War for Taiwan. It defeated the Russian Empire in 1904. Japan established control over Korea in 1910 and after its invasion of China it established the state of Manchuria in 1932. The Japanese refused to comply with U.S. demands partially out of a sense of honor: it feared that to capitulate to a Western power would mean a huge loss of face, and also could destabilize the regime of the Emperor. Japan had already suffered heavy financial and military losses to establish a presence in China (Arima 2003). Manchuria was believed to be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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