Japanese-Americans in the West Coast Research Paper

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The Communist China's influence in North Vietnam and North Vietnam desire to exert its totalitarian form of government on the South, that had a legitimate government, had to be checked. Kings subscribes to Christian ideals which advocates for freedom of all men.

North Vietnam definitely had no regards for the southerner's individual rights. It was therefore America's moral responsibility to protect the freedoms of the citizens of South Vietnam. As a matter of fact, America being a signatory of SEATO was obliged to defend any form of external attack on the organization members. Responding to treaty obligation did not in anyway make America a cruel manipulator of the poor. These two subjects are parallel and have no point of convergence. Were it not for Lyndon Johnson, some of the civil rights liberties currently enjoyed by the American citizenry would still be a mirage away.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Japanese-Americans in the West Coast Assignment

Dr Cornel West analysis of King's legacy and Obama administration is spot on. However, he was wrong by asserting that one can only love others if he loves his own family, neighborhood, and synagogue. This is not absolutely true as one can even love total strangers. His assertion that Obama administration bailed out companies that were "too big to fall" is misleading. I wonder the kind of company that can be too big to fall. Who thought AIG and General Motors could be caught in the cross-fires of economic meltdown. You can imagine how failure of such companies would impact American people. I disagree with West sentiments that president Obama has done little for African-Americans. Obama is the President of the United States of America not the president of African-American. Problems that are unique to African-Americans can be resolved in myriad platforms. However, issues dealing with equal opportunity that the blacks are denied, can be addressed… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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