Term Paper: Jazz "Blues After Dark," Feat

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[. . .] The saxophone is occasionally staccato, but mainly smooth, dancing around the bass notes. Brushes can be heard in the background, with the occasional cymbal. The saxophone solo is long, and nuanced, moving through various registers. Occasionally, Stitt packs in several notes into a bar, and sometimes fewer.

There is also a trumpet solo in "Sunny Side of the Street" that starts delicately with thin high notes. The bass responds with thin, high notes. This solo does not necessarily have a lot of structure. It allows the basic structure of the song to remain…while laying on top a curiously thin upper register melody, before Gillespie changes the height of the mike. Even then, the muted trumpet works and then suddenly, unexpectedly, the vocals kick in "sunny side of the street," and both Gillespie and Stitt are singing.

Performance: "Loverman," Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Sonny Stitt (tenor saxophone), Lou Levy (piano), Ray Brown (bass), Gus Johnson (drums). In Belgium 1958

Style = Ballad BeBop

Role of Piano = Comping

Role of the Bass = Comping

Role of the Drums = Brushing

Role of the Saxophone = Lead and Melody

"Loverman" is very slow and languid, but it leaves the listener with a deep emotional impact. The title, "Loverboy," does suggest that there is a love song written here.

Performance: "Blues Walk." Dizzy Gillespie Quintet Live in Belgium 1958 with Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) Sonny Stitt (tenor saxophone), Lou Levy (piano), Ray Brown (bass), Gus Johnson (drums)

Style = BeBop

Role of Piano = Stride and Comping

Role of the Bass = Walking

Role of the Drums = Brushing and Riding; he uses mallets at the beginning in a more aggressive way

Role of the Trumpet and Saxophone = Lead and Melody

The first solo is the saxophone. Stitt plays a continuous flow of notes, barely stopping to breathe. The piano accompanies with some punctuation. A walking bass line also plays sixteenth notes. In fact, the title of the song could easily refer to the walking bass line. Toward the end of the saxophone solo, the phrasing changes briefly and it has an overall improvised feel.


This performance was enlightening in the sense that is shows the role of different instruments in the bebop jazz performance. I especially appreciated the way that in "Blues After Dark," the song begins and ends in much the same way. The effect like alpha and omega makes the listener feel a sense of wholeness and completion. I was able to listen to "Blues After Dark" over and over again for the assignment and not get tired of listening to it. It is a very well composed song that I hope to emulate as I develop my own skills as a composer.

Listening to bebop, I can see why people appreciate jazz. There are many types of jazz that I do not care for as much as this type. The arrangements are simple here. There is some improvisation, but not too much that the song does nowhere. Instead, the song… [END OF PREVIEW]

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