Jazz Ensemble Thesis

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The works of Michael Mossman, Rachel Eckroth, Charlie Parker, Earl MacDonald, and Bob Berg reveal how varied and nuanced the jazz genre can be. Michael Mossman's "Partido Blue" opens with a few bars of drums before the whole ensemble comes in together: first a delightful panoply of horns playing overlapping melodies. The feel is syncopated, enhanced by the subtle bass line in the background. A tuba adds depth to the bass, which remains in a perfect pocket throughout the piece. "Partido Blue" is an uplifting piece with a strong percussive feel to the horn parts. The multiple horn sections are richly layered, which adds depth and texture to the music. Accompanied by woodwinds, the horn section works at several different registers throughout the song. "Partido Blue" is further punctuated by several changes to rhythm, time signature, and instrumentation. Thus, "Partido Blue" has excellent dynamics and so does "Out of the Blue (OTB)." A tasteful alto saxophone solo about one-third of the way through the piece is mellow and integrates well with the predominant trumpet. Undulating rhythms, richly layered horn and woodwind sections, syncopation and dynamics make Michael Mossman's music delightful to listen to.

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Rachel Eckroth's "Monday was a Good Day" and "Long Road" are sultry, soft piano pieces with accompanying bass and drum. Piano is fully featured throughout the Eckroth songs, which fall short of being titillating in spite of the well-structured and composed piano parts. Pianist Eckroth retains a solid connection with the bass register on the piano, and works well with the bass player in both "Monday was a Good Day" and "Long Road." Moreover, in both "Monday was a Good Day" and "Long Road," Eckroth varies the time signature to enhance the dynamics of her work. In spite of her skillful playing, the Eckroth compositions remain less than compelling.

TOPIC: Thesis on Jazz Ensemble Assignment

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