Jazz and World War Ll Term Paper

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Jazz and World War II

"Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here!" asked Alice. "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cheshire Cat.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Teachers also need to know what they are aiming for before they pick a path to follow. This means that teachers need to devise action plans: yearly, weekly and even daily. The absence of such a plan results in ineffective teaching and a wastage of time. Therefore a teacher should know the direction of a lesson and the subsequent paths to take before she enters the classroom. The direction of a lesson is its objectives, that the students should achieve before the end and the path are the strategies employed by a teacher to reach the goal or objective.

Lesson Planning is essential to successful and effective teaching. Teachers' go through various stages of elaborate planning before they are able to finally conduct a lesson with some success. The plan should include the approach-how the teacher will introduce the topic, a strategy for discussion etc. Thus a lesson plan is a road map that tells a teacher how she is to conduct herself and the students in the class.

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The plan also helps the teacher stay confident and identifies the issues or problems that may arise during the lesson. In the modern world there is a wealth of tools that facilitate teaching and learning. There is a large variety of books available through Internet, blogs, videos, video calling and conferencing.

The topic of discussion is the relation of Jazz and World War II. The plans would focus on how jazz began and then progress to how it influenced the World War and how the World War helped spread Jazz. It should explore famous musicians, musical creations, movies etc. The lessons should incorporate the use of Internet and other electronic resources.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Jazz and World War Ll Assignment

During the war years, Jazz was the most popular music form in America, and when the country went to war with the Axis powers, Jazz also traveled around the world. Musicians performed overseas and took part in movies, concerts to uplift the spirits of soldiers and civilians. Jazz musicians risked their lives to perform live for the fatigued and depressed soldiers and were called 'soldiers of music.' Musicians also enlisted with the army, famous names appeared in the obituary of the war newspapers. People like Glenn Miller died while flying a fighter plane. Benny Goodman, often called 'king of Swing' suffered a back injury during the fight. In Germany there were large number of Jewish musicians, so thinking that Jazz was a favorite of the Jews, Hitler banned it from Germany, but this got the form of music and the bands playing at that time more attention.


Lesson Plan 1: Introduction to Jazz.

Preparation: The teacher should research Jazz and its famous names, the instruments used in this kind of music and the names of some of the famous musicians in this respect. She should collect material like, a gramophone, a record, pictures of famous names old and new etc.

Duration: of all lessons will be 1 hour.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

Identify Jazz as a music form.

Gain information about the history of the music form.

Understand how it is different from other forms of popular music.

Analyze the given article to understand the importance of Jazz in the American Society.

Standard 1-In the lesson students will analyze a given article from an old newspaper, related to jazz. They will attempt to understand the article and draw inferences about the position of Jazz in the American society.

Activities involved: 3-4

Plan: the teacher will begin by asking how many students would want to listen to music in the class. Then she will play an old Jazz record on a gramophone and ask students to identify the instruments being used to play the music. When the music ends she will ask them if they liked it, if yes than how many and whether they have this kind of music before. She might even ask them to identify the artists whose pictures have been put on the board and name at least two modern Jazz artists. The teacher will ask if the students know what music it was and where it came from. She will then show the students a world map and ask them to point out America. She will then go on to give student's information about America and Jazz, how it started, what is its importance to Americans, etc. students will be advised to make notes.

In groups of three or four, pupils will read and attempt to understand an article on Jazz in America. Students will be given time for discussion and they will then make a web diagram, or mind map the information gathered both from the article and lecture. In the end, they will, in groups present what they have gathered about Jazz.

Lesson Plan 2: Introduction to World War II & American Culture

Preparation: Teacher will collect and read information n about the Second World War and its important incidents.

Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

Explain why and how the World War had begun

List important events of the World War II

Explain some salient features of the American society and culture.

Elaborate ion the popularity of Jazz in the times.

Activities Involved: 2

Plan: The teacher will start the lesson with a brief video session where the students will be shown pictures about the World war. After the viewing a brief discussion will be done on what they had seen and what they understood from it. Any student who has knowledge about the world war will be asked to share it. Students will be shown a clip from the movie Pearl Harbor and asked if they have seen it. The history and the important events from the perspective of USA will be discussed in detail.

After this, teacher will show pictures or clips related to domestic life and culture of America. Students will, in pairs, search the Internet to gather information on the culture of USA.

Lesson Plan 3: Linking Jazz to American Culture.

Preparation: Get a smart board and tablets for the class to use. Prepare a rubric for a report the students have to write.

Standard 1: synthesize information

Standard 2: write reports.


Elaborate on the start of Jazz

Explain what attracted the American society to Jazz.

Write a report on the Jazz industry of USA.

Activities involved: 1-2

Plan: The pairs who investigated the U.S. culture will now narrow down their search to focus on place of Jazz in the American culture. They will recall what they learn about Jazz in the first lesson and link it with the information gathered by them. They will be use a tablet rather than a desk top to shape their research into a Power Point presentation of images accompanied by a one page report on MS Word. The focus of both the report and the presentation will be the link of Jazz and the American Culture. The presentations will be viewed by the class and printed word reports will be submitted to the teacher.

The criteria for report will be: A proper heading or name should be given to the report by the students. At least 4 paragraphs of information should be written and each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The first paras will deal with a brief introduction of Jazz and its inception in USA. The rest will explain its popularity, the reasons for popularity and how it relates to the culture. Relevance, sentence structure, spelling and amount of valid information will be looked at. For the presentation: At least 5 slides, with each following the same order. The first however, must have name of the students and the title. The subsequent four should correspond with the reports paras. Information should be bulleted and in to the point phrases and accompanied with maximum number of pictures.

Lesson Plan 4: Jazz goes to War

Preparation: Check the students work and grade it. Marks will be subtracted for lengthy irrelevant information. Collect articles about Jazz in the War.

Standard 1: analysis and synthesis of information.

Standard 3: comparing work and understanding the differences.


Elaborate on the reasons for why Jazz went to war

Explain in relation to previous research why jazz was considered an important source of motivation

Explain the role of Jazz in the War

Plan: The teacher will use the first half hour to give feedback on the reports written and then she will read out the best one. Next she will give different groups different articles on the role of jazz in the war. Students will use smaller smart boards to note down their learning points or salient points of the articles. A discussion will be held in which these points… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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