Jean Watson's Theory of Nursing Term Paper

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Nursing Theory: Jean Watson's Theory Of Human Caring

Describe the theory and definitions of the concepts of the theory

The title of nurse Jean Watson's "Theory of Human Caring" may at first strike the reader as somewhat paradoxical -- how can the emotional sensation of caring be reduced to a theoretical discipline? "I consider my work more a philosophical, ethical, intellectual blueprint for nursing's evolving disciplinary/professional matrix, rather than a specific theory per se," notes Watson (2007). However, Watson's theory is both academic in its rigor and holistic in its approach. Watson organizes her theory around carative factors, or caritas processes as she prefers to call them, to be more consistent with the fluid and contemporary spirit of her philosophy.

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These original principles include a formation of a humanistic-altruistic system of values on the part of the nurse, the nurse's instillation of faith and hope in the heart of the patient and the nurse's cultivation of sensitivity to him or herself and to others, including the patient and fellow healthcare providers. It stresses the development of a helping-trusting, human caring relationship and the promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings, on the part of the patient. It offers a systematic use of a creative problem-solving caring process, the promotion of transpersonal teaching-learning, the provision for a supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment, as well as assistance with gratification of human needs and the allowance for existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces (Watson 2007). The need for mental wellness, whether this takes the form of religious guidance from a hospital chaplain, some small improvement in the patient's environment, arranging visits from the patient's family or providing a comforting change in the patient's diet is acknowledged as well as the need for physical wellness and improvement. The nurse and patient work and learn together.

Describe how the concepts are related.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Jean Watson's Theory of Nursing Assignment

Watson hopes her theory of integrated care and creating a holistic caring environment will create an ideal of nursing tied back to Florence Nightingale's sense of calling and service, and the need to improve the patient's environment and spirit for the better as well as merely focus on procedures and functional tasks. Beyond a specialized focus around disease, treatment and technology, nursing must hold true to its original orientation as an "affective process that touch both caring and the one-being-cared-for" on a spiritual level (Watson 2007).

Document the discussion using the theorist and others comments about its use

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