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Jennifer Government

Max Barry's Jennifer Government is a novel based in a dystopian alternative to reality where the world is controlled by the United States and government is run by for-profit corporations. It is a political satire much along the lines of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four but instead of being critical of too much government, as Orwell is, Maxwell seems critical of too little public government.

The story begins shortly after the United States has conquered the entire Western Hemisphere, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Japan, Iceland, South Korea, Oceania, Thailand, Myanmar and Australia. In this state, taxation is abolished and the government has become privatized and thus unable to create new laws or hold elections. In fact, its job is limited to preventing crime. Instead, the world is largely run by competing coalitions of corporations and their police forces, either the Police or the NRA. In the story John Nike hires Hack Nike to kill teenagers for marketing purposes. The plan goes awry and Jennifer Government, a government agent known for her barcode tattoo under her eye, is hired to investigate the incidence. However, Jennifer once has a relationship and a daughter with John Nike and thus has a personal vendetta against him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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