Essay: Jerusalem Some Cities Prove Evocative

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[. . .] Jerusalem is a microcosm of the world.

Any visitor to Jerusalem is immediately struck by its inherent multiculturalism. Judaism is a rainbow culture, and is far more than a religion. It is a family. Non-Jews who feel drawn to and connected with Jerusalem likewise understand their role in the human family. All peoples of the Book including Christians and Muslims understand the centrality of Jerusalem in their cultural and religious heritages. The city is more than just a city. As Yehoshua explains in the novel, ordinary cities are about mundane daily existence: working, eating, sleeping. These mundane activities do and must take place in Jerusalem: after all, it is a living city and not a museum. There are vendors and restaurants, lawyers and doctors in Jerusalem old and new. Yet there are other dimensions to the city that are absent from almost all other cities on the planet. People who live in Jerusalem have their feet in different worlds: old and new, spiritual and mundane.

The novel paints a dramatic picture of a life lived, and ended in the holy city. Yulia moves to Jerusalem as a sort of spiritual migrant, as many do. It was certainly not about finding a job or meeting a man. Moving to Jerusalem is a decision made by the soul. Jerusalem belongs to everyone because it is a soulful city that reconnects each person with the core meaning of what it is to be a human being. No other city in the world offers the opportunity to feel connected to each and every other person on the planet regardless of ancestral lineage. The troubles in Jerusalem occur unfortunately because too few realize the potential of this city to prove the interconnectedness of all life.

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