Jesus, God and Man Book Review

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If Christ was not the God man, and he deliberately taught his followers that he was, then he could only have been a deluded megalomania who eventually died for his own lies. Such a man would not be worth of following.

If Jesus was not the God - man, and he taught his followers that he was, the other option is that he was deluded, and did not know it. In other words, the conclusion to this consideration is that Jesus was not God, and actually thought that he was. What kind of man would die on a cross for something that was not true? Such a man would not be the kind of person that would amass a following that would endure for 2000 years after his death. It would be likely, like the followers of other deluded men throughout time, that after his death, his followers would have scatters, and the sect would have died.

The third, and only other option is that Jesus was god, and he knew it, and this is the central theology he presented to his followers. This is the only reason that holds up under scrutiny of both the scriptural record, and an examination of the lives of those who followed Christ. Each of the apostles stayed true to their claims, what they believed were the claims of Christ, even though it caused them to loose their lives. Each of them carried the message to other countries, leaving their culture, families, and heritage in the middle east in order to carry out what they believed was the message, and the purpose of Jesus Christ.

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In considering the New Testament, Brown identifies that from the first chapters of the Gospels, until the last words, the central theme of Jesus' divinity is clearly communicated.

Brown says "For orthodox Christians they have helped to shape the central doctrine of Jesus God and man." Each infancy narrative serves three main purposes:

To bridge the Old and New Testaments.

Present the major themes of the entire gospel.

Foreshadow the cross and resurrection.

Book Review on Jesus, God and Man the Assignment

At the end of the gospels, when Pilate asks this same question of Jesus, "Are you king of the Jews?" Jesus, in Mark 15:2, answers, "You say that I am." And in Luke 23:3 and Matthew 27:11: "You say so." Whoever has the earlier tradition, it was also an instruction in christology for Mark's community on the unity of Jesus, Son of Man, Suffering Servant, Messiah, Son of God..

At the end f his life, and the end of the gospels, the issue no longer matters... No need to keep a secret any more. He will soon be vindicated by God as the one sent by God.

A found ths book a very positive contribution to the study of Jesus' divinity. The message was clear, biblical, and thorough. At the same time, it was not written in such a highly scholarly format as would make it difficult to understand.


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