Jesus Taught About True Worship Essay

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Jesus taught about true worship in a variety of ways in Matthew 5:13-7:23. What is the simple most basic meaning and then the purpose of both the Mosaic Law and the ministry and coming of Jesus Christ?

Jesus: On the subject of Mosaic Law

In Paul's Letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul stresses that new gentile converts to Christianity do not need to convert to Judaism and obey Mosaic Law. The coming of Christ symbolically fulfills the promise of God to humanity. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, gentiles are released from the need to obey the letter of the Law to participate in the Abrahamic covenant. Now the circumcision is of the heart, not the body. However, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew is addressed to a community of Jews. It is articulated from the perspective of someone who is Jewish, who is giving instruction to his followers on the correct way to practice the Jewish faith in line with Mosaic teaching.

Jesus was concerned that people were overly obsessed with making a public show of their piety. Jesus does not say that Jews should give up praying to God, fasting and adhering to other observances consistent with the Law. Rather, his concern was the way that some individuals were practicing Mosaic dictates: they were placing the perceptions of the community above their own personal spiritual welfare.

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Jesus denies that he has come to do away with the Law of the Pentateuch; rather he says he has come to fulfill the Law. By making this defense, Jesus was presumably responding to some of his critics who accused him of attempting to do away with Moses' teachings and replace them with his own. Jesus urges his followers to obey the Law. Jesus clearly sees a great deal of good in the Law. It is the glue that holds his society together. The Law preaches charity to one's neighbors, as well as offers a highly specific way for individuals to live, with every aspect of their life dedicated to God, including food and clothing preferences.

Essay on Jesus Taught About True Worship in a Assignment

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