Jewish Women in America: Preserving Essay

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Oral history is a time honored treasure of Judaism. Oral histories allow women, in particular, to be custodians of their own family memories, but more importantly it is a tool that connects the present with the past of the Jewish people as the children of God. In addition, Dr. Guberman has edited the very valuable "In Our Own Voices: A Guide to Conducting Life History Interviews with American Jewish Women," a JWA guidebook for recording oral histories which encourages a sensitivity to the difference in male and female perspectives when it comes to memories, and story recall. Jayne Guberman's contributions in this field are immeasurably valuable.

Thirdly, Julie Wiener is a young associate editor of The New York Jewish Week. A prolific, widely-read journalist since 1997, she wrote for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, she now writes a column from her own perspective, called "In the Mix," about her life as a Jewish mother and wife and includes topics on food, education, tradition, and marriage. She is married to a "righteous Gentile" and they have two young daughters. Her recent article, "Return of the Chanukah Lady" reveals her openly honest, face-value style so common among her peers. Julie speaks bluntly of her desire to be Jewish and the struggles she encounters on that journey.

This is but a sampling of the wonderful treasure-hold of contributions that Jewish women are making in their religious and broader communities.

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Essay on Jewish Women in America: Preserving Assignment

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