Jews Became White the Nordic Research Paper

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Sacks states that there were also other means of excluding blacks from their earned benefits. The armed forces did provide those classified as "Euromale" the opportunity to attend university and receive job training in various sectors. This facilitated the trend toward upward social mobility among many "Euromales."

The FHA and VA mortgages were also critical to enabling Jewish upward social mobility and stymieing black upward social mobility. Housing laws used to restrict the sale of properties to both blacks and Jews. After the war, the FHA allowed Jews to buy suburban homes. Thus began the massive migration of Jews and other Euromales to the suburbs: the "white flight" had begun. Blacks were left behind in the dregs of city centers, which were being bulldozed in the urban renewal programs. Cities were being radically transformed. Manufacturing was being pushed the peripheries, and highways often cut right through African-American neighborhoods. Urban decay began, but many blacks still lived in city centers. Those who could move to the suburbs escaped the fate of city life, and Jews were privileged enough to do so.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Jews Became White the Nordic Assignment

Black veterans were also prevented from obtaining the VA mortgages. This meant that blacks were excluded from the government's generous affirmative action programs that allowed Jews to buy homes in the suburbs. Without home loans, most Jews would not have been able to buy the homes that they then left to their children. Blacks were unable to obtain loans during this time, meaning that their children missed out not just on cultural capital but also on financial capital. The African-American communities were located in urban centers with depreciated property values. Now that home loans are almost impossible to obtain, the achievement of upward social mobility has been closed off entirely. Because Jews were able to take advantage of the affirmative action programs provided by the government, they essentially "became white," and their descendants continue to reap the benefits of white privilege today. It is important to recognize the role that white privilege and institutionalized racism play in shaping the character of American society.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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