Jim Crow Laws Term Paper

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Apartheid in South Africa

Diala, I. (2003). "Andre Brink and the Implications of Tragedy for Apartheid South Africa." Journal of Southern African Studies, Volume 29, Number 4.

Diala's study of Andre Brink's literary works, which highlight the apartheid in South Africa, particularly the Afrikaans, demonstrated how apartheid had escalated and developed in the sense that individuals and groups against it developed ways to resist this unjust practice. Brink's 20th century novels became the setting for the tragedy that occurred in South Africa, wherein the demise of the native Africans were witnessed, not to mention its heritage and culture disenfranchised, to be replaced by the 'white man's culture and society. One of the most compelling arguments presented in the article is the question that Diala posed about Brink's works, wherein he questioned whether the author was really offering resistance to apartheid, or was simply mirroring the events occurring in his society, without direct reference to resistance. Writing and expression of ideas as a form of resistance against apartheid is presented here as an alternative route that individuals have taken in order to express their resistance and protest against apartheid.

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Jackson, W., T. Alessandri, and S. Black. (2005). "The price of corporate social responsibility: The case of black economic empowerment transactions in South Africa." Working Papers Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Jim Crow Laws Assignment

This article covers one facet or dimension, internationally, of segregation or apartheid in South Africa. In this article, the authors discussed the concept of black economic empowerment (BEE) transactions that have been occurring after the abolition of apartheid in the country. The authors… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Jim Crow Laws Term Paper

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