Job Analysis for a Health Care Organization Term Paper

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¶ … job analysis for a health care organization. Some of the positions there include occupational therapists, physical therapists, masseuses, art therapists, and administrative personnel.

Which approach, task-based job analysis and competency-based job analysis, would you use? Be sure to tell the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of analysis and justify your conclusions.

Ideally, a human resource professional should be able to deploy two different types of job analysis when determining the most appropriate personnel to fill certain roles in a healthcare organization. A task-based job analysis may be deemed most appropriate for lower-level or entry level employment functions that require certain basic skills or tasks of employees. An administrative assistant with a wonderful rapport with people and a great character will be of little use to patients if he or she cannot use the necessary word processing software demanded by the job.

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For personnel who must deal with the patients, and the public on a regular basis, however, a different approach on the part of the human resource department of the organization is required. Of course, to be considered for their respective positions, prospective occupational therapists, physical therapists, therapeutic masseuses, and art therapists must possess the necessary certification under the law to be considered qualified. But what makes one art therapist better than another art therapist cannot be reduced to possessing a degree and certification alone, or even a proven track record at previous institutions. Therapy is more than a series of rote tasks. The individual must 'fit' the specific organization, and be able to deal with the type of patients the facility most commonly treats. Someone who has great skill working with autistic children might not possess the same finesse working with adults.

Term Paper on Job Analysis for a Health Care Organization. Assignment

Likewise, physical and occupational therapists must possess the necessary qualifications. But their previous experience in various subfields must be taken into consideration, as well as their ability to deal with the demographic of their patients and the hospital as a whole. Working with injured athletes may be difficult for someone more used to working with the elderly, and working in a large, urban hospital is different than working in a smaller and more intimate environment within a general practitioner's office.

A competency job analysis focuses on the competency as a whole by breaking down a task into specific necessary areas needed to fulfill the position. A competency is broken down into a series of tasks "which share some general knowledge and skill," and if the candidate can only perform some of tasks he or she does not possess the competency (What is Competency Mapping and How Can it Help? 2001, What is JA?). For example, an art therapist who should be able to work with children and the elderly would not be rated as competent if he or she did not have the experience or the necessary coursework to do so, even if he or she was a certified therapist.

The degree to which certain competencies were necessary for the health care facility, of course, would be open to debate before opening up the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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