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Cover Letter, Resume and Selection Criteria


Dear Mr. Keating,


I am writing to seeking the advertised position of Assistant Principal at Mackillop College, Port Macquarie. For a long time, I have been passionately devoted toward promoting well-being in education and am thrilled to see that your college is committed to the betterment of young people and the many aspects that serve them. I believe I can offer you a tremendous amount of expertise in human resources management, educational leadership, and student/staff well-being with over 23 years of leadership experience in Catholic Education along with substantial postgraduate degrees.

I have taught Religious Education, Music, Drama, Remedial English, IT, Special Needs, Physical Education, Health, Pastoral Care Program (Student Welfare), Careers Education, Vocational Studies and coordinated many aspects of these programs for many years. I have also coordinated the staff professional development for ESO and teaching staff and served as Deputy Principal at Goldfields Baptist College. My senior leadership experience includes roles related to physical infrastructure and resources, timetabling, budgeting, financial management, staff development, and staff appraisal. During this time, I was also involved in policy writing and implementation, staff and curriculum handbook development, behavior and welfare management, liaising with community groups, educational organizations and the general community at large and staff / student management of well-being.

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As a current Pastoral Leader at Good Shepherd Catholic College, I am involved in several programs related to the promotion of well-being. My experience and research have all proven to me the need for curriculum and program development that emphasizes well-being factors. I am eager to apply my visionary leadership skills to support St. Mary's score values.

Professional Writing on Job Application in a Religious Institution Assignment

I will be honored if you could review my enclosed resume and application so that we can explore the many possibilities of promoting well-being and pastoral care in your college. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position with you further in person.

Yours in Christ,


Mr. Phil Schipp B.A.B.Ed.M.Ed.Grad.Cert.M.A.C.E.


Phil Schipp

Unit 2 / 16 Oxley Lane

Mt. Isa, Queensland, 4825

Mobile: 0434 152 797

E-mail: Summary of qualifications

2015 -- University of Newcastle

Masters of Theology -- In Progress

2014 -- University of South Australia

Masters of Business Administration -- In Progress

2006 -- University Of South Australia

Graduate Certificate (Theology)

2003 - Edith Cowan University

Masters Of Education (Leadership, Administration & Theology)

1990 - Edith Cowan University

Bachelor Of Education (Music, Theatre & Religion)

1989 - Western Australian College Of Advanced Education

Bachelor Of Arts (Music, Theatre & Religion)

Professional experience

2014 -- Present: Good Shepherd Catholic College

Pastoral Leader

2011-2013: Lavalla Catholic College

Youth Minister/Religious Liaison 8-12

Employed as full-time Youth Minister & Religious Education Teacher

2010: Murrayville Community College

Music Coordinator / Welfare Officer K - 12

Employed as full-time Music Coordinator

2009: Goldfields Baptist College R -- 10 Goldfields, W.A.

Deputy Principal K - 12

Employed as full-time Deputy Principal

2004-2008: Rostrevor Catholic College R- 12 Adelaide, S.A.

Religious Education Coordinator K - 12

Employed as a full-time Religious Education Coordinator

2003: Port Kennedy Primary School R -- 7 Perth, W.A.

Remedial / Sports Teacher K - 7

Employed as a full-time Sports and Remedial Teacher

2000-2002: Mandurah Catholic College R -- 12 Perth, W.A.

Director Of Music K - 12

Employed as a full-time Director Of Music, Religion, Computer & Theater Arts Teacher

1990-2000: Kolbe Catholic College R -- 12 Perth, W.A.

Director Of Music K - 12

Employed as a full-time Director Of Music, Religion, Special Needs & Theater Arts Teacher

1989-1990: Mirrabooka High School R -- 12 Perth, W.A.

Master Of Music 7-12

Employed as a full-time Music Master, Religion, Special Needs and Theatre Arts Teacher

Professional memberships

Education Review

International Teaching Group

Christian Schools Australia


Independent Salaried Schools Officers Association

Australian Society Of Music Education

Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association

ICT in Education Victoria

Associated Christian Schools

Christian Educators' Professional Association


Wayne Wood -- Principal -- Good Shepherd Catholic College

(QLD) -- 07 4743 2509 Mobile ***

Greg Cameron --Principal - (Previously from Good Shepherd Catholic College) Mobile *** E --

John Harrop -- Deputy Principal (Pastoral & Administration) -- Good Shepherd Catholic College (QLD) -- 07 4743 2509

Mike Hansen -- Director of Mission & Spirituality -- Lavalla Catholic College (VIC) -- 03 5174 5272 Mobile ***

Father Mick -- Priest -- Good Shepherd Parish (QLD) - 0747498555


Bus/Truck, Car, Motorcycle





Professional Development

Awards Received

Victoria -- 356716 / Queensland - 87719

Let's talk about it -- Relationships and Sexuality -- supporting young people -- True Relationships & Reproductive Health - 2015

Teaching Traumatized Young People -- Queensland Government - 2015

Student Protection -- Diocese of Townsville Catholic Education - 2015

Workplace Safety Sense -- Queensland Government -- 2014

Responding to Abuse and Neglect -- Government of South Australia - 2014

Positive Schools -- Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference - 2014

Leading Digital Futures (TTA) -- 2013

Forward Thinking: Emerging Answers to Education's Big Questions (ACE)-2013

Managing students with Chronic Illness (EDMED) -- 2013

Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures -- Gipps TAFE - 2013

What Is Faith? (VIC) -- 2012

Secondary REC Meeting x 4-2012

Management of Anaphylaxis (First Aid Management) -- 22099 VIC

Solidarity Marist Style (VIC) -- 2011

Response of Abuse & Neglect (S.A.) -- 2011

First Aid Level 2-2011

Restorative Justice/Practice Program -- 2010

Aspiring Principals Leadership Program (Victorian Education Department) -- 2010

Reaching Out -- Engaging, Communicating & Relating to Gen Z -- Christian Schools Australia - 2009

Stress Management - 2008

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Education and Care Focus (S.A) -- 2008

Catholic Education Leadership Program - 2006

Leadership/Teams/Organizational Development -- CEO -- 2006

Graduate Certificate -- Curriculum -- 2006

Graduate Certificate -- Scripture -- 2005

Edmund Rice Network S.A. - Seeking Justice -- 2005

Accreditation A -- CEO - 2004

Graduate Certificate -- Theology -- 2004

Graduate Certificate -- Methodology -- 2004

Edmund Rice Education Australia -- The Charter -- 2004

Christian Brother Schools: A Vision for the Future -- The Congregation of Christian Brothers - 2004

Leading Teams and Understanding Systems -- 2003

Mandated Notification Training System -- 2003

Student Centered Learning - 2002

Residential Retreat Training Program - 2000

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People -- 2000

1994 National Excellence In Teaching Award

1994 Young Achiever Award -- Career Achievement

1994 Young Achiever Award -- Arts Achievement

1995 National Excellence In Teaching Award

1995 Young Achiever Award -- Career Achievement



I have always believed that school education must be designed to meet the individual needs of the students as they grow to know more about themselves and the world around them. The process needs to recognize that students experience distinct developmental stages; it should build on and extend the development of skills and processes that are essential for effective learning. Through effective schooling, a student should be empowered to take more responsibility for their learning in a program that offers relevance, flexibility, participation and challenge to make sense of the world and their place within it.

Students have a range of personal, spiritual, intellectual and social needs. They have particular physical, emotional and cultural needs that should also be addressed. The very existence of the education process should be contained by the boundaries of our common faith, which guides us for the future and gives meaning and reason when students are developing relationships, experiencing new curriculum, establishing standards of behavior and finding their place in this world. The education process should provide opportunities for young adolescents to learn and grow in ways that acknowledge and respect this unique and special phase of their development. The school should help and demonstrate to the students through example and personal witness to make sense of creation under the clear guidance of the Word of God. It must also encourage them to make use of and develop their talents that they have been blessed with by God for the service of all and in tribute to God by promoting Jesus' reign on earth. An effective school education should address the following specific needs:

Exploring how social and cultural groups while immersed in a Christian community whose common belief that God's word permeates all that we are shaped individually; and group identities.

Developing productive relationships with adults and peers in an environment that respect difference and diversity while recognizing that the Bible is the basis of all true knowledge that we can draw upon.

Establishing avenues to promote learning useful presently and in future while enhancing the learning of God's word

Handling global issues in a critical, independent, and responsible perspective

Providing opportunities for the students to learn valued knowledge and skills besides using their talent for the benefit os the society.

Ensuring that the students can put their knowledge into practice in constructive and honest feedback are promoted

Addressing issues of bullying, discrimination, and harassment

Schooling is effective when based on a shared philosophy of fundamental values and beliefs. These years… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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