Job Evaluation Method Research Paper

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HR Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a very important component in human resources management. For the knowledge HR manager there are several different approaches to this task. These methods include the Point Factor method, Ranking method, Market Pricing method and the Factor Comparison method. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the factor comparison method as the preferable approach to best conduct these evaluations. The essay will discuss each method and compare and contrast them to the factor comparison method.

Factor Comparison

The Factor Comparison method of completing job evaluations suits my personal approach to management and therefore is suited to my preferences. This method requires the HR manager to develop a set of quantifiable factors that can contribute to the specific job that is being evaluated. Any number of factors may be included in this type of evaluation but it is best to have less than ten.

The most appealing part about this method is the ability to tailor it to any evaluation. The factors that are chosen by the HR manager should closely resemble values and traits that are commonly displayed at the organization. This alignment with core principles and mission objectives will help ensure that the evaluation will contribute to maximizing their competitive advantage.

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This system is very simple to use for the HR manager but also allows for discrete interaction and evaluation. This customization ability of this method of evaluation gives it a certain flexible appeal that can help restore the human resource department to a point of strategic importance within a firm.

Point Factor vs. Factor Comparison

Research Paper on Job Evaluation Method Assignment

The Point Factor Method is an offshoot of the Factor Comparison method for human resources job evaluation. This system is more complex as it adds new dimensions of evaluation by assigning point values to each factor assigned by the HR manager. Point factor systems are typically designed to an employer's vision, mission and culture; and an rganization/employer must first know what they want to pay for in the work they will ask their employees to perform, or what attributes they value most, so that they can… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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