Job Market Family Rearing and Environmental Influence Term Paper

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¶ … Familial and Environmental Influences on Job Market Prospects and Quality of Work Life Reported by African-Americans

Previous studies suggest that African-Americans spend much of their time engaged at work and that the quality of work life reported among African-Americans at best has been described as plagued by inequality and lack of opportunity or stability (Riley, 2005; Tuch & Martin, 1991; Wilson, 1996). This is surprising given that so much of adult African-American's time is spent at a self-reported 'unsatisfactory' environment (Wilson, 1996). Researchers have long examined trends among employment, unemployment and African-Americans. Few researchers however have examined the relationships that exist between familial influences, job market prospects and environment on African-Americans. This research aims to fill the gap in research that currently exists with respect to this subject.

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Many African-Americans report their work life includes less than optimal working conditions, meager earnings, little autonomy and much instability which often results in decreased job satisfaction and perceived job opportunities (Riley, 2005). Still other research related to social psychology suggests "quality of work life may have pervasive consequences on one's sense of worth and sense of control" and that perceived job satisfaction can "spillover and influence behaviors in other spheres of life" (Riley, 1) Hence social psychological outcomes are affected by job related perceptions and self-evaluation as well as general life satisfaction (Riley, 1).

Term Paper on Job Market Family Rearing and Environmental Influence Assignment

The purpose of this research proposal is an evaluation of the impacts family rearing and environmental influence have on African-American's perceived job market opportunities and self reported quality of work life. As an aside the researcher will also evaluate whether familial and environmental factors impact African-American's perceived self-esteem and subsequent success on the job and at home. To accomplish this the researcher will evaluate the following questions: (1) what if any familial influences determine job satisfaction and employment opportunities, (2) what if any environmental influences are likely to contribute to job status and perceived quality of work life, (3) whether other factors contribute to job status and self reported measures of self-worth and self-esteem and whether (4) self-esteem directly or indirectly influences job status, environment or familial relationships among African-American adults.

Need for the Study

Much evidence points that lack of job opportunities and low-skilled occupations or earnings may result in negative consequences for African-Americans including psychological distress or related health issues (Riley, 2). As indicated above many African-Americans report being plagued by sub-optimal work conditions, underemployment and self reported instability, contributing to decreased job satisfaction and negative self-perceptions and behaviors. It is vital that researchers assess what factors, including familial or environmental ma contribute to this self-reported lack of opportunity and negativity.

The primary goal of this research will be an examination of the research that currently exists related to familial influences and environmental influences on quality of work life and self reported job market opportunities for African-Americans. The review will include a synthesis of the research currently available examining African-American job opportunities, reported quality of work life and familial or environmental factors. The second section of this study will include a comprehensive literature review and the third section will include research into the relationship between environmental, familial factors and quality of work life.

Preliminary Review of the Literature

The purpose of the literature review will be to analyze the previous research available that measures: (1) familial influences on self reported quality of work life, () familial influences on job status or perceived economic opportunity, (3) familial influences on self-esteem and desire to pursue employment opportunities, (4) environmental factors affecting job status, quality of work life and self-esteem and the (5) historical trends related to familial influences, environmental factors and African-American's job status and reported quality of work life.

To provide a broad base platform from which to analyze data the researcher will first explore historical trends which will provide general information related to African-American familial influences, environment and job history. The researcher will then evaluate more specific data which will include detailed information regarding economic opportunity, environmental factors and familial influences related to job status, quality of work life and self-esteem reported among African-American adults.

There is a good body of research at present that supports the need for this study and suggests that familial and environment factors do influence job status and perceive quality of work life. Bowles and Gintis (2000) suggest that the "perpetuation of a family's position in the distribution of income reflect genetic and cultural transmission of individual traits including the likelihood one will inherent group memberships or income earning opportunities (p 1). The key study suggest that familial including intergenerational economic status may influence ones current educational attainments, wealth, job opportunities and perceived quality of life (Bowles & Gintis, 2000).

Economic status according to Bowles & Gintis (2000) is easily transmitted and perpetuated from parents to offspring, suggest that other familial traits or characteristics might influence other areas of ones life.

Myers & Taylor (1998) suggest that much evidence exists supporting the idea that African-American children living in poverty stricken environments are at higher risk for "negative psychosocial, educational and career related outcomes than affluent African-American and Caucasian children" (p. 215). Further their research suggests that familial influences including substance abuse, dysfunctional parenthood or neglect may contribute to negative outcomes for African-Americans (Myers & Taylor, 1998). Inner city residents are more at risk because within these communities African-Americans often have more limited access to the resources necessary to secure higher rates of employment, and in these areas a disproportionately higher rate of African-American adults are under or unemployed (Myers & Taylor, 1998).

Methodology and Research Design

The purpose of this research study includes examining the familial and environment factors that may effect quality of work life and job prospects or status for African-Americans. The researcher is concerned primarily with documenting those factors that affect quality of work and job status, reporting on the job status and quality of work life African-Americans in present day society and assessing what changes may contribute to better self reports of esteem, quality of work life and job prospects. The research will be conducted in a multiethnic environment.

To collect information regarding factors affecting quality of work and job status the researcher will conduct field research that includes interviewing currently employed adult African-Americans working in medium to large size companies. The researcher will combine information gathered from the field studies with information gathered from the literature review which will help the researcher draw conclusions regarding the job status and quality of work life African-Americans have historically reported and that in present day society. The researcher will utilize this data to assess what if any measures or changes may be necessary to improve opportunities or self-perceptions among this community.

The sample population to be examined will include surveying 5 medium to large size private entities. Criteria will include selection of 20 participants of African-American heritage and 20 participants of mixed heritage including Hispanic, white, native American and other populations to provide a comparison base for the study (Harry & Hart, 101).

The research design will include collection of data based on open-ended, semi-structured interviews of employees and observations of employment patterns based on information gathered from the literature review. The tool will be administered electronically to ensure maximal response rates. Studies support use of open-ended semi-structured interviews to gather information regarding sociological and patterned phenomena (Harry & Hart, 101).

Validity of test results will me assessed in multiple ways including via use of the open ended survey with will measure multiple dimensions describing the influence of race in self-concepts of African-Americans (Cokley, 2001). The researcher will help affirm the validity by measuring identity salience, centrality of identity, the ideology associated with an identity and the regard "in which a person holds African-American people" (Cokley, 2001). The researcher intends to assess validity based on correlations that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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